Eaton House Schools: Fueling Potential with Five Star Food


Eaton House The Manor pupils’ busy school days cannot be powered by enthusiasm alone; the children are provided with a balanced and delicious selection of food, to fuel them for an action packed day of learning and fun. With a rotating bi-weekly menu, the pupils’ of Eaton House The Manor Boys’ School and Eaton House The Manor Girls’ school are able to choose from a wide variety of freshly prepared hot food and salads. These meals might include: Malaysian noodles with stir fried chicken, roast beef with seasonal vegetables, and vegetable and paneer korma – amongst many more!

In a recent audit by the European Safety Bureau, the schools’ catering team, provided by suppliers Holroyd Howe, were awarded five out of five for food hygiene and a 100 per cent score for their management of allergens. This perfect score is a reflection of the team’s careful work to ensure the safety of pupils with food allergies and intolerances, led by specifically trained ‘Allergy Champions’. Eaton House Schools’ chefs also take care to provide delicious and nutrient packed meals for those with cultural and religious dietary requirements. These requirements are treated seriously, and are managed according to the same meticulous system as allergens.

It is important to the school that their pupils have a positive relationship with food for the sake of their physical and mental health. Both at lunchtime and within lessons, the children are encouraged to eat a full and varied diet that will not only nourish them, but allows them to find joy in their food. Eaton House The Manor’s menu reflects this ethos; their meals offer a balanced plate of wholegrain carbohydrates, lean proteins and fibrous vegetables, alongside delicious traditional desserts. This teaches pupils that every food has a place within a healthy, well-rounded diet.

Termly meetings of the schools’ Food Councils, allow the pupils to have a say in their meals. They provide feedback to the chefs, on what they might like or dislike about the current menu, and discuss dishes they would like to be included. Catering Manager, Claire Chuter, said, ‘We love hearing from the children about their meals, we will always include their ideas in each new menu cycle. We also ensure that the menus are seasonal and celebrate special events and holidays.’

Sustainability is also factored into the Eaton House menu, with ingredients sourced locally and seasonally where ever possible. Holroyd Howe won two International Green Apple Environment Awards for their sustainability program and community outreach work in 2021.

Eaton House The Manor’s pupils are certainly thriving on this menu. Between 2010 and 2022, some 35% of the boys’ school leavers went on to Westminster, Eton, St Paul’s, King’s College Wimbledon and Dulwich College, with many scholarships and prizes. This year, one pupil won an Academic Scholarship to King’s College Wimbledon, one was awarded a Starred Pass to Eton, and several won scholarships to Dulwich College, amongst others.

The girls have also had a truly outstanding year, winning a record 30 scholarships amongst a cohort of 30 pupils. Girls accepted places at a range of top schools, including St Paul’s Girls’ School, JAGS, Wycombe Abbey, Alleyn’s, Streatham & Clapham High School, and many more.


If you would like to visit an Eaton House The Manor school, book an Open House here: or to discuss your child’s future with the school, contact Miss Sam Feilding, Head of Admissions, on 020 3917 5050.



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