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    JTM Aesthetics

    JTM Aesthetics offer non-surgical aesthetic treatments including anti-wrinkle injections and lash serum treatment. The lead practitioner at JTM Aesthetics is an Independent Prescribing Pharmacist with over 10 years’ experience in healthcare, who wanted to…

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    VEKitchen is a no-excuse plant food kitchen diner offering super salads, naughty burgers, hot classics, luscious, natural and organic wines & beers, kombuchas, shakes and so much more.…

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    Klean Keepers Home Services

    Klean Keepers offer 35 different home service at your fingertips including cleaning, maintenance, gardening, pest control, and much more!…

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    Kindergifts is a London based initiative founded and run by local mums who are on the mission to redefine birthday celebrations to make them less wasteful and more purposeful. It is an online party invitation platform…

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    Julian Cousins Sports

    Are you looking for sports coaching, lessons and holidays? Are you ready to up your sporting game? Would you like the opportunity to learn from an expert coaching in both London and Europe? Are…

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    James Cousins Company

    James Cousins Company are offering a FREE contemporary dance class for 7 – 10 year olds as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe A fun filled dance class where kids will jump, roll, turn &…

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    Zebra Skate

    This year inline skates experienced a 300% increase in sales as lockdown hobbies took off like never before and later this Summer skateboarding features at the Olympics for the first time and with a…

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    Kids Bop Club

    Dance, Sing, Act and Swing your way through Summer with Kids Bop Clubs at West Hill Primary School…

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    Urchin Frozen Seafood

    Battersea start up Urchin Frozen Seafood has set out to offer frozen fish that is not only exquisite quality but also provides a solution to the problem of avoidable fish waste. …