A Fun-Packed Year for Eaton House Girls


Every morning, Clapham locals passing Eaton House The Manor on Clapham Common North Side, will see Eaton House Girls scooting, riding or walking to school in their distinctive red and green uniforms and boaters. However, most don’t know just how much fun the girls have at school!

There’s a work-hard play-hard culture at EHTM Girls, and though the 2022 leavers won 30 scholarships between 30 girls in art, drama, music and sport – the greatest number ever to date – they still found time to relish the many non-academic aspects of school life.

This year, the girls won more sporting trophies and medals than ever before. The quality of the girls’ performance skills has also been a pleasure to behold, especially the winning Bel Canto musical performance at Woldingham Junior Choir Festival in October, the 20’s style Form 4 production of ‘Mystery at Magpie Manor ’ and the Form 3 Poetry Recital.
The Form 5 girls put on a production for which they had written the script based on their study of Japan. This included beautiful songs they had learnt in Japanese. The Form 6’s ended the year in style with their Leavers’ Assembly, which featured ‘When I Grow Up’ from Matilda and ‘Six’ from the musical of the same name. It also included different acts: magic, dance, singing, instruments, poetry, short films, and drama, which allowed everyone to shine.

This year, the girls have not only run the many school arranged charity-focussed events, but there has also been a growth of pupil-led initiatives. They have also enjoyed a range of unforgettable day and residential trips. All who were present for the Christmas Carol Service at Holy Trinity, will recall quite how moving it was to hear the singing and readings delivered with such joy.

As the school leaders, the Form 6 girls have been genuine role models this year, relishing their responsibility as ‘Big Sisters’, to influence and nurture their ‘Little Sisters’ in Kindergarten. Their week away in France was an incredibly special time. Not only did they return with many happy memories, but also with many compliments on their maturity and positivity.

The final word on a wonderful year must rest with one of these leavers, Valentia, in a poem that she wrote for ‘The Column’, the Eaton House Schools’ magazine.

Within these walls our dreams began,
What lies ahead now? What is the plan?
All I know is we will be just fine,
Eaton House Girls, it is your time to shine!
We’ve been together for so many years,
Sharing our hopes, our dreams and fears,
Year 6 has been an adventurous ride,
11+ made easier with amazing teachers by my side,
There have been so many highlights every year,
But Paris, wow, happiness in tears,
So, what have I learnt along the way?
My heart only wishes that I could stay,
Girls, be kind to each other, do what you love to do,
Laugh out loud and always be you,
Play games, enjoy sport, create and have fun,
Listen, include and be there for everyone,
So onwards I travel with a heavy yet excited heart,
I will always be grateful for having this incredible start,
Eaton House the Manor Girls, you are such a gem,
GO Year 6 girls, those stars have your name on them!

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