SleepaSloth: The Smart Baby Sleep Aid Made in Clapham


Local mum of 3 creates the smart baby sound machine she wished existed for her own children. Support a local family business aiming to give families the sleep they deserve… Sleepasloth Kickstarter launches tomorrow!

When a local mum of three’s second child became increasingly difficult to put to sleep, she tried several sleep aids on the market but none worked the way she needed them to. The sound choice was too limited, the volume control wasn’t fine grained enough and the song wouldn’t play long enough or needed to be manually stopped by creeping into the room. More importantly, none of them allowed her to record and use her own voice, her son’s favourite sound to go to sleep.

That was when Laurène Mosely decided to create a Smart Baby Sound Machine that was so flexible and configurable that it could work for any family. “Every baby is different and every parent is different. We wanted to create a sleep aid that is flexible and could be configured to work for every family out there” says Laurène.

Laurène and her husband Alan decided to self-fund the creation of SleepaSloth, an ultra-portable and flexible baby sound machine that doesn’t compromise on aesthetic, functionality, sound quality or safety. SleepaSloth and its mobile app allows you to choose any sound you’d like such, be it white noise, lullabies, classical music or the recording of your own voice and to control the device remotely from anywhere within your home. Older children will appreciate recordings from their parents too or perhaps from grandparents that live further away. SleepaSloth also has a nightlight to make night-time feeds and changes easier or for older children who like to sleep with a light. You can even choose its colour and how bright or dim it is.

Many prototypes later, SleepaSloth is so close to becoming reality, helping families reclaim the sleep they deserve. A campaign on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform will allow new and expectant parents to pre-order and help influence the final production of the world’s smartest and most flexible baby sleep aid – invented right here in Clapham! Click here for the kickstarter.

SleepaSloth is offering a big discount to all Clapham Mums who pre-order on launch day: 14th SeptemberSignup on the SleepaSloth website today!



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