Clapham Mums Chat

Meet local entrepreneurs and have a chat about work/life juggle, starting a business on your own , organising childcare and other topics

About this Event

Pre-covid, playgroups, playgrounds and mum meetups are where we meet other mums and discuss careers, return to work, entrepreneurial ideas, childcare, challenges. But in our new normal, there is a void and mums are grappling with big work/motherhood questions. With that in mind, we have started our webinar series to get some great speakers and engage our audience to address some of these questions.

Our first webinar is on Tuesday November 24th from 8 pm – 9 pm and we have an exciting line-up:

  1. 1. Karen, founder of Travel Matters
  2. 2. Laura Shimili Mears, Laura Shimili Mears Photography
  3. 3. Sophie Niedermaier Patramani, founder of Little Tummy
  4. 4. Rohini Regunathan, owner and editor of Clapham Mums

We will be addressing questions like:

  • How did you find time to start a business with a young family?
  • How do you organise childcare?
  • How do you organise your day when working from home?
  • What is your mindset and where do you find support and guidance?
  • What are some lessons you have learnt through Covid and other challenges?


Nov 24 2020


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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