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JK Educate, London’s leading tuition agency, have been supporting children to reach their full potential since 2010. The unique and holistic approach to tuition and educational consultancy provides engaging, dynamic and highly effective academic support to children both face-to-face and online. In this month’s newsletter, we explore some of the services and successes that make JK Educate such a pioneering and effective tutoring agency.

Explore the effectiveness of online tuition in this insightful blog. Uncover the benefits and considerations for making the most of virtual learning experiences.

The Power of Online Tuition By Katie Krais, Founder of JK Educate Tuition Agency

In addition to JK Educate‘s highly successful face-to-face tutoring service, they have been offering online tuition as a fundamental option since 2018.

They are often asked: How effective is online learning? Is it just a backup for face-to-face lessons?



Quality is key

In both face-to-face and online education, the quality of teaching and the effectiveness of learning very much depends on the teacher’s abilities. With online lessons, the technology being used also plays a part in defining the value of the teaching. This is where JK Educate shines.

When Covid lockdowns kicked in, many teachers and schools scrambled to set up online lessons for their students. But with a lack of online teaching experience and inadequate technology, it’s easy to see how some students found online lessons frustrating and ineffective.

JK have been delivering highly effective and well-structured online lessons with their online platform for over 6 years. They know that teaching online requires a level of adaptation and lesson preparation that differs from face-to-face. Their tutors are adept at delivering remote lessons, having had many years to develop quality online offerings into enjoyable and efficient lessons.


Benefits of online lessons

  • Convenience: There is no rush hour travelling, having to adjust your schedule for drop-offs and pick-ups, or having to make small talk with the tutor or other parents.
  • Matching the best tutor to your child’s needs: A greater range of tutors and lesson times allows you to select the ideal tutor for your child.
  • Flexibility and responsiveness:  Each lesson can be highly personalised to each individual child and the events of the day or week. Students love the relevance of current affairs and hot topics.
  • Comfortable environment: No need to worry about your child forgetting to pack their laptop, study books or drinks. Taking a lesson in the relative calm of home can increase focus.
  • Safe and secure: The ability to monitor and record lessons enables tracking of every lesson to ensure that safeguarding procedures are followed, so you can rest assured that your child is safe and secure.
  • Variety in learning: Offering students different ways to learn improves engagement, focus and enjoyment.
  • Resource sharing: Cloud storage, Dropbox sharing, easy use of online resources, the ability to play back the lesson and instant tasks/homework sharing and feedback are all big advantages.


High standards at JK Educate

The JK online classrooms provide an interactive and multi-sensory platform that appeals to all age ranges and ability levels. Tutors and students can share images, text, video and game links for full engagement. Students carry out concrete written tasks during the lesson, uploading them onto the screen within seconds, ready for shared annotation and feedback. Lessons are time efficient and remain as rigorous as when conducted face to face.

JK’s exam success over the last few years has been in line with previous years, showing that even though students missed out on schooling due to Covid, remote tutoring with JK Educate is as effective as face-to-face tutoring.

Online lessons have particularly enhanced benefits for many SEND children. Each case is different, but for many students, we have found it:

  • Reduces social anxiety: For many SEN children, face-to-face interactions can be daunting.
  • Reduces distraction: For students with ADD and ADHD, the relative calm and isolation of learning online at home can be extremely helpful.
  • Comfort in technology: For students with SEN, technology appears impersonal, less invasive, non-threatening and is conducive to learning.
  • Enhances flexibility: Tutors are able to make greater use of audio, visual, or interactive materials, and students can work entirely at their own pace, playing lessons back or downloading materials as necessary.

Making the best of online

If you have been deliberating whether online lessons may be right for your child, JK Educate urge you to give it a try. Use a quality provider, such as JK Educate, and you’ll discover that online tuition really works and is a powerful tool in the education toolbox.

JK Educate are hosting an exclusive (free) webinar for Clapham Mums on February 29th at 7.30 PM.  Katie will be talking about how best to navigate your child through the 11+ and 13+ journey.  She will demystify the process and explain how it works, timescales for decision making, the pros and cons of tutoring and how best to choose the right school for your child.  She will also give top tips on supporting your child before, during and after the examinations.

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