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The Right Socks  is dedicated to helping children learn the difference between their left and right feet by utilising a unique color-coded sticker and sock system designed to help them place the correct shoe on the correct feet by promoting independence and learning. With their red and green colours, they aim to help children understand basic concepts, simplifying the act of getting dressed in the morning. They recognise that color-coded socks can be a valuable tool in teaching children these fundamental skills while encouraging confidence and independent thinking, facilitating putting “The Right Shoes on The Right Feet.”

Developing fine motor skills is a crucial component of a child’s growth, and The Right Socks make it their mission to provide the necessary tools to facilitate this development. Their line of socks are designed with a unique color-coding system – red and green. Red to identify the left sock and green to the right one, along with complementary red and green stickers to differentiate the shoes. With these simple yet elegant design features, they hope to empower children with a sense of independence and confidence during their learning and development stages. They are committed to creating products that serve as support for children in their journey towards growth and success.

Established in 2020 by a group of friends working in the children’s sector. Being constantly asked the age-old question “which one’s my left and which one’s my right?” was the driving force behind the company’s inception. The founders recognised the need for stickers and socks that were easy to distinguish by children, and thus, embarked on a mission to create a line of products that solved this issue.

They operate under the belief that keeping things simple is key when it comes to designing products for children of any ability. They understand that accessibility and ease of use are critical factors in ensuring children can engage with their products – regardless of their abilities. By simplifying their offerings, they strive to make their products more inclusive, promoting progress and independence for all children.

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