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If you have a busy life, juggling family, work and life and finding it hard to be the person you want to be and feel amazing every day, Margot can help you.

Margot is a nutritionist, chef and mum. Born and raised in Italy, she moved to Clapham in 2011 and trained in Jamie Oliver’s kitchen, where tradition met innovation. Margot is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with AfN with a degree in psychology and nutrition, promoting high standards in evidence-based science and professional practice of nutrition. She believes that eating goes beyond food, but we live in a society where the pressure is too high, and our mental health is at stake.

If you ever felt that you were not “heard”, if you feel sluggish, tired, or anxious, and life is always busy, Margot hears you. You can take control of your health and make a change. Personalised nutrition and a balanced lifestyle are key to your success. Margot will guide you through your program to feel energised. She will help you create a plan that works for you and your needs.

With a clear plan, Margot will give you the tool to know what to eat at a restaurant, at home and on holiday. During the most stressful days of the week, you will have your plan sits into habits, and you will look at the past and ask why you didn’t do it sooner.

Margot supports your nutrition journey based on three key values:

  1. Longevity: your new habits will be embedded so deeply that you no longer doubt yourself in making healthy choices.
  2. Diversity: everyone’s journey is different.
  3. Respect: respect, embrace and love yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you had ice cream yesterday. Balance it. And she can help you learn how.

Her 1:1 nutrition plan includes In-depth health and lifestyle assessment, symptoms, medical and family history, lifestyle and stress evaluation. It consists of a tailored meal plan supporting your journey to the person you always wanted to be. Follow-up sessions are  weekly or fortnightly consultation—coaching, motivation and support. Consultations are held face-to-face or online.

Margot also offers cooking sessions to those who need support in the kitchen. A cooking lesson integrated with your nutrition journey will help you unfold the nutritional health principle. After a 90-minute in-depth consultation with Margot, you will plan your steps to achieve your goals. You’ll get together with Margot to cook and learn a few tricks in the kitchen to improve your health.

Margot also delivers presentations on various nutrition topics for corporate and companies that have the health of their employees in mind.


Start your journey with Margot, you will feel energised and in balance. Schedule your free call now.

Margot is offering Clapham Mums £20 off their first session, just mention Clapham Mums when you book.



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