Would you like to declutter your mind?


How good does it feel when you declutter your home? Now imagine a gentle energy healing modality that has the ability to declutter the mind. If that sounds good Maria Cooper-Gomes has the perfect treatment for you.

Maria is a Reiki Master & Access Bars® Facilitator with 20 years’ experience of energy healing and a background in social care/therapy. She has overcome many challenges, with a profound, empowering personal healing journey that is the foundation to her practice.

Her work is based on an ethos of Healing Empowerment & Freedom Through her own healing journey, she knows that change is possible (read her full story on her website).

Access Bars® is an amazing dynamic energy healing modality Maria found in 2018 when she was going through a very challenging time in her life.  Her son 21 at the time got a late diagnosis of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), her mother had two strokes and her father passed away. She said “her world was upside down!” With this chain of events, she was crippled with anxiety, physically and mentally exhausted. She found it very difficult to switch off, her mind was racing from one thing to another. Experiencing an Access Bars session gave her the space to BREATHE and RECHARGE.

Access Bars® are 32 points on the head that represent different areas of your life, when they are gently touched, they take away all the stress, angst that you have going on with the thoughts and emotions that you are constantly looping about.

As they are touched, you (the client) start to be more present with your body, there is a relaxation and slowing down and letting go of all the negative mind chatter.

You start to experience EASE, CALM with your body and breath. You have PEACE in your world that is beyond the heaviness of this reality, there is lightness in your world! You are in the space of BEING rather than doing.

The great thing about this is you lie there and all you have to do is RECEIVE. You do not have to talk about your story not that your story is not important.

You start to feel JOYFUL and HAPPY for being alive. You are no longer fighting with your challenges quite the opposite in fact! You start to function from what could be possible here rather than this is difficult or I can’t handle this. You feel empowered to create from a place POWER rather than a place from victimhood.

As the founder of Access Consciousness Gary Douglas said “Access is empowering people to know that they know®”.  You have all the answers / solutions to your challenges. In this reality we are not encouraged to take charge of our life, we are encouraged to look outside of ourselves to give us the answers.

Maria offers a variety of 1-2-1 Treatments (Reiki combined with auricular acupuncture & sound healing, Access Bars®, Access Body Processes, Access Energetic Face Lift™ and Indian Head Massage) for your physical and emotional wellbeing at The Light Centre in Clapham. They are ideal for anyone suffering with anxiety, depression, self-confidence, sleep issues, other stress related issues, recovering from physical illness, emotional issues, low self-esteem, bereavement and feeling stuck.

Access Bars® is particularly beneficial for children / adults who have neurodiverse conditions (ADD, ADHD, OCD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia) as well as for parents and carers who are supporting children  with such conditions.

She also offers training in Reiki (All levels) and Access Bars®, both of which are great self-help tools for awareness/self-development, to use on friends and family or to build your professional practice.


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