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SW4 Pilates is a brand-new Classical Pilates Studio in the heart of Clapham. The boutique studio, offers small group equipment classes, 1:1 and 2:1 sessions. They believe many students get lost in classes of 20-plus people; without real-time feedback from a teacher, it’s often easy to cheat the body by performing exercises incorrectly, leading to poor movement patterns being developed. At SW4, the group classes are kept small , to a maximum of three people per class so that you will use the Reformer/Tower equipment, closely supervised by their classically trained teachers. They will see where your unique strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances lie, so they can then work on training the smaller, stabilising muscles precisely where you need it most!

Chiara has always had a fascination for human movement and rehabilitation. Chiara qualified in London as a Sports Therapist back in 2012. But it was after discovering the magic of classical Pilates and its unique body-awakening powers that she became obsessed.  Chiara completed her advanced classical teacher training in 2015 at the world-renowned Pilates Center (BO Colorado). Dubbed the ‘Harvard of Pilates’, this rigorous 950-hour training programme stays true to the fundamentals developed by Joseph Pilates a century ago. Since then, she’s trained elite runners, rugby teams, injury-hit athletes, and professional dancers from the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. She also specialise in helping pregnant women and new mothers. Classical Pilates is not just for highly active gym-goers and athletes, but busy sedentary professionals, and anyone worn out by chronic pains, niggling discomforts, and any type of physical suffering. Their classes are truly for everyone.

Pregnancy and Postpartum

As a mum of two herself, Chiara knows first-hand how important staying active during pregnancy is. For the body, for the baby and for your mind.

The prenatal classes will teach you how to engage and release your pelvic floor muscles to make sure they are string but supple and ready for birth. The exercises cater for all the areas that need attention during this magical time. With exercises targeting the hips, abdominal wall, and spine you will be feeling on top of the world. Their classes are also really beneficial if you suffer from PGP/SPD.

Chiara believes that pre-habilitation is just as important if not more important than rehabilitation. So in our prenatal classes you will be already taught the correct breathing technique to help facilitate your Diastasis recti recovery.

Chiara has worked successfully with many pregnant women and has completed a comprehensive pre/post-natal specialist Pilates program with the Center for Women’s Fitness.

Injured people and recovery

SW4 Pilates Equipment classes are an effective alternative to physiotherapy or massage sessions, eliminating tightnesses as well as retraining the body to ensure they don’t return.

Chiara’s approach is very bespoke and adaptable, Pilates is a movement system, and its exercises can be modified, simplified to a very basic level to teach you the basics and build from there for a strong and speedy recovery. Be sure to share any injury concerns you have before class starts so we can target the best areas for you.  With Chiara’s background you will be very well looked after.

SW4 Pilates would like to offer all Clapham Mums £20 off their first pack of 5 Private Classes and £10 off their first pack of 5 Group Classes. Contact Chiara to avail the offer. 

Unit 1N, Clapham Art Centre, 26-32 Voltaire Road, SW6 4DH




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