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Thanks For a long time, women were advised not to exercise at all during pregnancy. However, thanks to a huge surge of research and strong evidence, we now know that not only can exercise be safe during pregnancy and as a new mum, it can actually offer an array of physical and mental health benefits to mum and baby too. But with all the changes you will be feeling and seeing in your body during this time, along with the added anxiety about what you should and shouldn’t be doing, exercising can feel daunting.

Sophie, founder of Sophie Elizabeth Fitness, specialises in coaching pre and post-natal women through bespoke strength and conditioning programmes, away from the crowds in a private, baby-friendly PT studio in Clapham Junction.

Sophie can offer you a safe exercise programme and specialist fitness and nutritional advice throughout each trimester of your pregnancy and into the post-natal phase – helping you to stay fit, strong and healthy for you and your baby.

Sophie says, “There is nothing more satisfying than watching my clients becoming stronger, more confident and more empowered week in week out through strength training – and witnessing the impact this has on all aspects of their lives. On top of that, being able to support women through their pregnancy and into motherhood, helping them to build strength, resilience and adapt to the physical changes they are experiencing, as well as helping them to recover following childbirth, is so rewarding.”

Sophie’s programmes have a strong focus on women’s health and will often include a mix of strength training and conditioning to safely and efficiently build your strength and fitness, whilst also addressing any postural issues to fully support your body through pregnancy, childbirth and into motherhood.

But Sophie’s approach isn’t just about the exercise itself. It’s no surprise that as a busy mum, finding the time and energy to prioritise yourself can feel impossible. Sophie’s sessions give you the opportunity to come off of autopilot and reset, helping you to feel like you again.

Sophie says, “I’m not here to break you or put you through a gruelling PT session which will leave you exhausted. What use is that to a busy mum! I’m here to build you up, to help you strengthen your body, reset your mind and to leave you feeling strong, energised, motivated and ready to take on the day. The mind-body connection is real. The aesthetic changes you see in your body will be an added bonus!”

Sophie offers a free, extended consultation to new and expectant mums to chat through how the programme will work and any concerns or questions you might have, alongside a screening process to ensure that exercise is safe for you at this time.

Sophie is also offering Clapham Mums a 60 minute PT session completely FREE following your consultation.


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