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As women age or go through the childbearing years and beyond, it is important that they remain strong and flexible enough to be able to carry their children and do all the things they want to do with them. That requires strength and endurance, core stability and all the things regular Pilates training does so that they can stay healthy, strong, and youthful.

There are a lot of Pilates out there, but Simply Pilates London is different.  They take a very personalized approach, making sure each client receives a program that best suits them.  They recommend especially starting off with one-to-one sessions, so, if you have a specific injury, for example knee or shoulder pain, or perhaps back pain from carrying children, they provide very specific guidance and exercises to help you recover – giving time to build strength and flexibility.  No need to worry about keeping up with others in a class.

Jayne has built up a wealth of Pilates experience running Pilates studios and training teachers, including her management role at Equinox Club and Spa in Kensington.  She is unique in that she is qualified in prestigious master’s program in Los Angeles led by the renowned Jay Grimes who was a student of Joseph Pilates himself.  She is the only Pilates teacher in London to have achieved this.

Simply Pilates London can work one-on-one or in small groups and will recommend which is the best option to get the best of the time at the studio.

Jayne has over 20 years training and there is not an injury or individual she can’t help with.  The studio is fully decked out with top of the range equipment to build balance and strength.

To get started, Simply Pilates recommend an introductory package of 5 private session package for new clients. It takes at least five sessions to feel confident and safe on the Pilates equipment, to understand the movements and complex sequences of Pilates that helps to support your strength and mobility for the long term. Please note that completion of the introductory package will be required before entry into the small group equipment classes.

After completing the introductory package, you can continue with private sessions or duet session if you have a partner or friend to train with or small group classes.

Simply Pilates London has a special offer for new clients: 5 private session package for £299.




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