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Pupils at Eaton House The Manor Schools were amazed to find their playgrounds magically transformed as they returned for a new school year. Where once there was open space they now find an exciting ‘Jungle Gym’ and giant ‘Games Board’.

Eaton House The Manor Boys’ School and Eaton House The Manor Girls’ School are well known for their academic excellence, but their pupils have a lot of fun too! Both schools have a huge range of sports on offer, from football and rugby, to cricket and dodgeball. The pupils also have a choice of 30 clubs every term, from Chess and Basketball, to Mandarin and Debating.

To add to this hive of activity, The Manor have just made a substantial investment in a jungle river themed playground at the back of the site, which officially opened for the start of the autumn term. It’s been a huge success, with one boy commenting, ‘it’s incredible, I can’t believe it’s my old playground!’

The jungle river themed playground is available to the Girls’ School and Boys’ School at different times throughout their school day. A soft play-grass floor maps out a series of ‘islands’ surrounded by a ‘river’, to create a sense of adventure. Pupils hop from island to island via the ‘Trim Trail’ and ‘Jungle Gym’. The ‘Trim Trail’ is formed of different obstacles, including a Burma Bridge, balance beams, stepping posts and a log and rope bridge. Making up the ‘Jungle Gym’ is a series of elevated platforms, connected by climbing nets, monkey bars, climbing walls, a spider’s web, a tyre bridge and more. For those who want to take a short break from all the concentrated activity and laughter, there are areas of seating.

Meanwhile, the top playground has been converted into a brightly coloured ‘Games Board’, featuring, amongst others, ‘Snakes and Ladders’, ‘Ludo’ and ‘Hopscotch’ boards embedded in the tarmac.  The schools’ values are also embedded to remind the children of the importance of qualities like kindness and resilience while they play.

Eaton House The Manor boys and girls dedicate just as much energy to their studies. Between 2010 and 2022, some 63% of the boys school leavers went on to Westminster, Eton, St Paul’s, King’s College Wimbledon, Dulwich College, Winchester, Tonbridge, Charterhouse Harrow and Radley, with many scholarships and prizes. Each of these boys left for their first choice of schools. This year, one pupil won an Academic Scholarship to King’s College Wimbledon, one was awarded a Starred Pass to Eton, and several won scholarships to Dulwich College, amongst others.

The girls have also had a truly outstanding year, winning a record 30 scholarships amongst a cohort of 30 pupils. Girls accepted places at a range of top schools, including St Paul’s Girls’ School, JAGS, Wycombe Abbey, Alleyn’s, St Mary’s Ascot, Streatham & Clapham High School, and many more.

All this goes to show that despite their academic success, nobody can say that Eaton House The Manor pupils are ‘all work and no play.’

To find out more about Eaton House The Manor visit to book an open house or speak to our Head of Admissions, Miss Sam Feilding, on 020 3917 5050, or visit for more information.


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