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Introducing Slope Health: An active lifestyle for the busy Mum


Modern life is hectic, particularly for mums. It is hard to balance competing priorities and find time for yourself. Exercise is a prime example: only 4% of women complete 5+ workouts per week and 42% don’t do any sweat workouts.

Unfortunately, numbers like this are pushing inactivity up the charts as a health risk.

Slope Health wants to change this by getting people more active. It does so with an approach that is unique from most apps in the category: it doesn’t require you to go to a gym or sweat. It focuses on psychology to set the right mindset and motivations that lead to long-term change.

Activity, not exercise

The app intentionally uses activity and not exercise for two reasons:

  1. You can achieve the health and wellness benefits from moderate activity.
  2. Most people are not doing a sweat workout every day.

The health experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate activity per week, so the app focuses on using everyday activities as the baseline and gives the user the flexibility to add from there. This means you can make your activity count whether you go to the gym or not.


Be flexible

Slope’s recent survey showed that 65% of respondents think exercise is at least 30 minutes of effort. However, the science shows that intermittent efforts generate significant benefits. For example, walking for ten minutes on your commute can increase energy levels 20%. Consistency is also key. Two days of walking ten minutes generates more health benefits than doing a day off and 20 minutes the next day.


There are two categories of motivation for most people: How you look and how you feel. Appearance goals are extrinsic and categorised as negative motivators. This is why diets tend to fail. They start with the goal of losing weight and then restrict your intake. After a while it becomes too much. Conversely, intrinsic goals sustain behaviour for longer periods.

Slope uses the hierarchy of goals to focus your motivation. This starts with your Why. This is the top priority in your life- “Being the best mum/dad I can be” is a common selection. It then asks you for your focal goals- decrease stress, increase energy. These are the ancillary benefits of activity that help you achieve your Why.

For example, a quality of life Why will increase your activity level 15-34% versus the other Whys. It pays to focus on motivation.


Make it count

Slope counts across three categories: Activity, Health, and Life Points. You get credit for all activity, adjusted for intensity. The app then calculates how your activity impacts your focal goals generates a composite Health score. Finally, you earn Life Points based on your activity. Life Points represent your Why and track how your activity achieves your Why.

This collective approach has shown to increase average activity levels by 67% after ten months. Come join and live the active lifestyle that works for you.

Slope is currently available in private beta. You can join the waitlist here.




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