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Clapham based twin sisters launch GrapeEpic Wines. Picked Just for YOU. Delivered to Your Door.

Calling all Clapham Wine Drinkers!!! Shopping for wine(sss) you’ll LOVE, just got a whole lot easier – and that’s a promise. We’re delighted to introduce a seriously cool new online wine platform – founded by one of our very own Clapham based mum’s (and former Senior Wine Buyer for Oddbins), Jenn & her wine loving twin sister, Lindsey! If you love your wine – read on!

The first of its kind – Grape combines technology with real wine expertise to give you truly personalised, TRUSTED wine recommendations – instantly!

1 quiz. 7 Questions. And voila, grape generates a personalised wine shop stocked with bottles picked just for YOU, delivered to your door (NEXT DAY) – Sound like a dream? Keep reading!

The platform, which has taken over two years to develop, combines Grape founder Jenny Smith’s 10+ years of experience in the wine industry with her sister Lindsey’s pain points when shopping for wines – to create a trusted platform to make shopping wine EASY (and fun)!

Together the sisters have created a totally proprietary algorithm/platform designed to match UK wine drinkers with their perfect bottles! As Jenny says, “most shopping is done online these days, unfortunately this means you don’t have the benefit of a friendly shop assistant to provide recommendations or decode the notoriously confusing world of wine”.

“The Grape experience begins with a short quiz designed to mimic the very same questions a shop assistant may ask before recommending a bottle, “we then create a unique profile for each customer and instantly curate an awesome selection of new wine recommendations”.

“It’s pretty unique”, adds Lindsey, “you’re guaranteed to find wines that you’ll love and may have never thought to pick out”.

The mission is to make wine shopping as easy as choosing a show on Netflix, with all the shoppers’ recommended wines laid out in front of them using intuitive personalised headers. The technology behind the platform is designed to learn the tastes of buyers, make recommendations to newcomers in the wine world, and grow and change with wine drinkers on their journey as they explore and discover new wines.

When asked what sparked the idea for Grape, Lindsey responded: “Ever stood in front of a wall of wine with no clue what to buy?”

Similarly, Jenny found that even as she climbed the ranks in her own profession and gained qualifications – including passing part of the Master of Wine (less than 400 globally)- the wine trade could be “a bit of a stuffy and intimidating place.”

“If I thought this when I was almost a decade into the industry, and well established, then I was certain most wine drinkers felt the same” says Jenny. “I also knew from my time in the trade and my own friends, that wine is extremely confusing – staring at a wine wall is kind of like trying to select a dish off a menu in a foreign language.”

“What sets Grape apart” says Lindsey “is how we’ve leveraged this knowledge and made it accessible to our customers.” In many instances, it seems that the wine trade is only really talking to the wine trade within their own little bubble. Our goal was not to do this. We looked at the barriers that wine customers face, to create a solution to help them have a better and easier experience shopping for wine.”

In the coming weeks, Grape’s ‘Automated Deliveries’ service will also go live. Unlike existing wine subscriptions, you are not required to lock yourself in to recurring deliveries, the service is fully customisable, and each wine box is truly personalised to each customer, “no two wine boxes are the same”.

Shop amazing wines picked just for YOU! Take the 2-minute Quiz to get started.

Grape has a special offer for new customers: get £25 off first order using the code Welcome25 (minimum spend £50). For your second order, they have a Clapham Mums specific offer: £15 off using the code Claphammumms15.



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