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This year inline skates experienced a 300% increase in sales as lockdown hobbies took off like never before and later this Summer skateboarding features at the Olympics for the first time and with a pair of 12-year old’s leading the charge. It looks like 2021 is THE year to introduce your children into Zebra Skate, the UK’s leading skateboarding and rollerblading camp!

Why join camp with Zebra Skate? First and foremost is safety; as well as skateboards and inline skates every Skate Camp attendee has access to a full set of safety gear: wrist, knee and elbow pads as well as helmet. For a full day of camp that means parents are avoiding carrying around a bulky bag of 10 (TEN) separate pieces of equipment.  All rental equipment is provided free or charge.

Once the necessary kit is in place the fun begins and so does the falling; planned and otherwise. The first thing beginners learn is how to fall correctly and safely. The main aim to remove some of the fear of falling; and of course endear yourself to fellow Skate Campers. Nothing breaks the ice faster than falling over and making a spectacle of yourself in front of your peers.

As your child’s skill level improves so does their resilience and eagerness to tackle more advanced skating techniques. Slalom, skate tours, jumps and ramps are just some of the more challenging activities offered to faster progressing kids. Zebra skate have a range of medals and prizes to help inspire children and they are not just given out for excelling. Rewards are offered for persistence, tenacity and giving it your all as well.

What sets Zebra Skate apart from the rest? Inspirational coaches and how they incorporate not just games but hybrid sports into their lessons to keep the kids coming back for more. Skate-tag, traffic lights and Grandma’s footsteps are all firm camp favourites but the inclusion of inline-hockey and roller-football allow the camps to offer something unique to kids looking to improve their skills and have a tonne of fun in the process. The team at Zebra Skate have a wide range of teaching and performing abilities. They range from instructors qualified with the UK Inline Skating Association, winners of skateboard competitions and the current UK Freestyle Slalom champion, fourteen year-old Alice Lean, who uses her skills to promote skating to a whole new generation. In addition their junior instructor programme takes eager 10, 11 and 12 year olds and trains them to teach younger kids. Teaching is a life skill that has positive effects well beyond the sphere of Skate Camp; and why not develop your coaching craft whilst having bags of fun in the process?

Zebra Skate are offering a total of 12 week long camps at Clapham Common and Kensington Gardens this summer from 5 July to 27 August 2021.

Half day camps are £245
Full day camps are £345
Additional siblings receive 10% off



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