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Kick start the new year with Vivian Lord Personal Training‘s online packages! As a specialist in pre and postnatal fitness, and with special interests in injury recovery, strength and conditioning, and Pilates, this could be the perfect way to improve your health and fitness in 2022.

Taking time to understand your strengths, goals, and your current limitations, Vivian will assess the best way to give you that extra push and guide you towards your goals. All sessions are designed to improve functional strength, fitness and mobility, whilst gently activating deep muscle groups to take you through an intense but low-impact workout.

Whether you’re –

  • struggling to find time for yourself amongst childcare or work, 
  • finding it hard to motivate yourself through the winter months, 
  • experiencing new baby or pregnancy fatigue, 
  • or uncertain how to safely get the results you want alone,

Vivian will design you a personally tailored programme to ensure that you are always making progress in a way that is accessible and realistic to you.

She says: “As a new mum myself, I understand how little help women receive during and after pregnancy, and how hard it is to ‘feel like yourself’ both physically and mentally. 

“I believe professional guidance during this time can be incredibly beneficial, to ensure that progress through pregnancy and beyond is steady, enjoyable, and most importantly, safe.”

Nutritional guidance can be provided at no extra cost, and Vivian ensures she is on-hand for additional support, to keep you motivated and accountable.

Online training is a fantastic tool that has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years as a way to maintain and improve fitness levels from the comfort of your own home.

“Online training is a brilliant resource,” says Vivian. “It gives you the ability to really maximise your time as you don’t have to travel to a gym or park, you don’t even have to tidy up for someone coming over – you just need enough space for a mat and you can turn up as you are!

“I’ve found that this is great for my pre and postnatal clients in particular. There’s an additional level of protection from all the bugs going round – including the dreaded virus that shall not be named – and you can stay at home without having to worry about organising childcare. I can still provide the exact same level of direction and one-on-one attention as before, the only difference is that I’m not standing next to you.”

Vivian Lord Personal Training has a special offer for Clapham Mums: free online consultation for prospective clients. To book, email Vivian at and quoting the Clapham Mums offer before spaces run out!



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