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Urchin Frozen Seafood


A Battersea start up with a different approach to seafood

Urchin Frozen seafood has recently launched with a different approach to seafood and a vision to change the way we eat fish.

Founder Nick Grimshaw has spent the last decade in the seafood industry, and his view is that avoidable food waste cannot be part of a sustainable future in a world where we must responsibly manage the precious resources we have.

Fish waste in the UK

  • Up to 20% of fish on supermarket shelves never sells and ends up in the bin, that amounts to 100s of tonnes a year of fish waste in the UK
  • A lot of the fish in supermarkets is imported frozen, defrosted and then packaged creating an illusion of ‘freshness’ but it is often days old.
  • ‘Freshness’ is poorly understood in the UK often used to mean ‘not previously frozen’ But much like peas- good quality fish frozen quickly after harvest is in fact the freshest option out there.

Urchin offers premium quality, responsibly sourced frozen fish delivered locally to your door. Their approach being that frozen fish lasts for months rather than days so there is a dramatic reduction in fish waste and is usually the freshest option. This is reflected in one of Urchin’s tag lines: Fight fish waste – join the frozen revolution!


Healthy fish made easy

Nick says “making seafood easy to enjoy is at the heart of what we do, we are only small but aspire to continue to be transparent and honest so you can make informed decisions about the fish you eat, know where it comes from whilst providing a less wasteful option”

They also provide some mouth-watering recipes on the website, some for an easy Monday night health kick, others as great show-off dishes now we can have friends over!

  • The NHS advise us to eat 2 portions of fish a week –
  • Fish has crucial nutrients for developing brains in children (long chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins D and multiple B vitamins, iodine, selenium and potassium)
  • High fish intake is also linked to lower incidences of stroke, heart disease and dementia in later life.


In a nutshell

So, in a Nutshell, Urchin has set out to offer frozen fish that is not only exquisite quality but also

  • Provides a solution to the problem of avoidable fish waste
  • Uses no single use plastic
  • Provides loads of resource on how to get the best out of your fish (check out their insta @urchinfrozenseafood)
  • Provides a constant supply of fish to feed yourself and your family with delicious healthy fish, no further away than your kitchen freezer.

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