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A Better Work and Family Life Balance

Are you finding that general, personal or business admin is taking up too much of your time, or you have too many tasks and not enough hours in the day? Maybe you have a large or time sensitive project that you need help completing? Or perhaps you have a busy schedule and feel like you are always working and not getting the right work/life balance?

With their incredible black book of contacts, they can take care of any personal, household, or business tasks you may have.

Of course, we would all love to keep control of what we are doing, and letting go is hard, but allowing The Online Assistants to take some of the administrative load can be a huge relief and brings significant benefits to you, your home and your business. When you work with a The Online Assistant, you are gifting yourself with more time and space.


The Benefits of Change

Founded in 2017 by Cate and Kerry, The Online Assistants was formed over a bottle of wine between two assistants, who over the course of an evening discussed how the role of a personal assistant was evolving. Limited office hours, and the need for companies and families to hire full time assistants was becoming a constraint to their clients, especially when busy lifestyles often required support outside of these areas. Inspired to provide the support that the growing market needed, Kerry and Cate registered their business the very next morning – and The Online Assistants came to life!

The Online Assistants can make a really positive impact to your business and personal life by simply assisting you with some of the tasks you don’t have time for. They offer their unique skills and extensive experience to give a tailored virtual personal assistant service that works for you, whether it’s full time, part time or just a few hours each month.

The benefits are endless – hand over the general admin you dread each day, the overwhelming task of managing an upcoming event, or you could ask your assistant to organise that family holiday, the one you and your family need but you never get round to booking! And all of this can be organised easily via email, a phone call or if needed, in person.


Relationships are Key

Having healthy and close client relationships is hugely important to The Online Assistants. They pride themselves in their ability to grow and adapt as their clients’ requirements expand and change, and they are happy to take on tasks that mark some of the biggest changes in their clients lives.

Why not give some thought as to how The Online Assistants can help you? If they could take something off your hands, what would you choose to let go of first?


The Online Assistants charge £35 an hour for their personal and virtual assistant services. They are offering Clapham Mums a reduced rate of £30 an hour for the first month as well as a free hour to every successful new client referral that books with a minimum booking of 5 hours. To arrange an introductory call to see how they can assist you, please email and quote Clapham Mums.




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