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 Ali Edwards and her team at Funky Monkey Keyboard Classes are delighted to offer their fun-packed group electronic keyboard classes for beginners 4-12 years in Clapham and surrounding areas. Here are some answers to some key questions you may have before deciding to perhaps book a free trial class or sign up to their home tutorials!

How does it work?

In our face-to-face classes, small groups (a maximum of 8) are taught how to play the electronic keyboard, read & write music & develop every skill from the very beginning right through to first grade. The classes are split into 3 age ranges: 4 years, 5-8 years and 9-12 years. The lessons are a well-balanced, 50-minute session of group, individual, theory & practical work, tied in with games & quizzes aplenty. Children love coming to learn with like-minded peers and there is never a dull moment in the lessons! Every child has their own keyboard and headphone set allocated to them for class use. There is also a keyboard hire scheme, especially useful for the first term where you might not be ready to commit fully with the purchase of an instrument! The scheme is 5 books long, with each book containing 10 lessons.  Children can then study towards the Trinity Guildhall Initial Grade, after which they graduate from the scheme.

For the home tutorials, you will need an entry level keyboard at home, along with access to a computer. Once you have completed the simple registration, you will receive ten 15-minute pre-recorded lessons that you can do any time, as many times as you wish. The relevant book is posted to you along with a sticker set and pencil and whizz bang pop, you’re all set and ready to learn! Our team offer feedback and guidance via email or phone at any step along the way.

How much does it cost?

For face-to-face sessions, you always have a free, no obligation trial class before committing to a term. Thereafter, it’s £16 per 50-minute class, payable by term. There is a sibling discount. Each of the five workbooks last approximately one term and costs £6.50.

The home tutorials are 25% off the first 10 videos, priced at just £51. Thereafter, for subsequent books (5 in total) it is £68.50.

Why choose Funky Monkey?

Funky Monkey Keyboard Classes is not a franchised company. It is owned and run by Ali Edwards, who started way back in 2003 after graduating from music college with an MA distinction in music performance (oboe and piano) The business has been established for over 20 years and have 10 successful centres in London and Kent. Ali believes that music has an invaluable role in every child’s development, and she strives to provide a consistently excellent service that hopes to be accessible to all. Ali and her team quite simply love what they do, care about who does it and are delighted to see children succeed!


Where, When and How do I book?

Classes are held at Fresh Ground SW11 on Wednesdays, Immanuel Church Streatham SW16 on Mondays and Fircroft School, SW17 on Saturdays

Visit or call us on 01732 457100 to book your free trial class!



Phone: 01732 457100


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