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Taking place in three different locations in Clapham, the Brightday Company offers brand-new, fun-filled classes focusing on new parents while still having their babies with them. They use drama-based exercises and techniques as tools to build confidence and to connect, having fun and building long-lasting friendships.

Catherine is a French mum and a drama teacher. After years of acting internationally (Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and London), she moved to London to get her Master’s in teaching acting at the prestigious Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. With her diploma in hand, she started teaching in different drama schools around London. After giving birth to her daughter, Catherine navigated this time of change with joy, but also exhaustion and a sense of overwhelming responsibility. While she enjoyed bringing her little girl to all the baby classes, she felt there were no time for herself and started forgetting who she had been before having a baby. However, in teaching drama to amateurs, she realized rather quickly what a positive impact it made in their everyday lives, and so came up with the idea of the Brightday Company.  Born out of compassion and the desire to help new parents, she hopes to offer new parents a space to laugh, let go, and connect to who they were while still embracing their new identity.

After a cup of tea/coffee and some well-deserved biscuits (and a good chat), you begin the session. The exercises are non-threatening and loads of fun and allows participants to connect to each other through laughter. Exercises include but are not limited to: games, improvisations (very basic), storytelling (in groups), and relaxation exercises (release of tensions, focus on our bodies, etc…). This is not a drama class but rather a place where you will use some of the drama techniques in order to achieve the benefits that drama offers: a sense of self, confidence, connection, and laughter.

The participants are more than welcome to bring their babies along. The recommended age is between 0 and 12 months as it gets complicated if they move too much. There will be foam mats for them to lie on and a place to breastfeed. Including babies in the exercises can in fact make for some pretty funny situations and allows the mums or dads to connect even more so with them.

Catherine wants to help make this period a joyful one and she puts all her energy, knowledge, and expertise to create a safe space for new parents to unite, meet, share and have fun.

So get in touch through the website or email directly and book your free trial session!


Class Schedule:

  • Tuesdays @ St Barnabas Church – 10:00am – 11:20am
  • Wednesdays @ The Omnibus Theatre – 1:15pm – 2:40pm
  • Fridays @ Clapham Methodist Church – 10:00am – 11:20am


Telephone: 07551470747



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