Giving and receiving gifts is simply an art, as told by Wilhelm Schmid, whilst this art comes with the prerequisites of dexterity, craft, and delicacy. Whether intended or not, it has a loving purpose and the height of giving has been reached when both parties genuinely feel delighted and gratified with this art. BoxGioia, a London-based gift atelier makes everyone become talented artists, who will further spread joy and happiness.

‘Love and joy are contagious’ quotes Burce Bulut Ozan, the co-founder of the gift atelier BoxGioia, which was launched as a mom & daughter business in June 2021, in the midst of a pandemic that restrained many people from their families, friends and loved ones. Their approach to sharing joy is literal: it is special, exclusive, and ingenious. As distinct from the rest, BoxGioia presents individually curated gift boxes with different themes, occasions, and feelings, focused specifically on connecting people with creating memorable experiences. ‘The birth and rise of BoxGioia was quite domestic and spontaneous’, says Ozan, ‘We started the concept of gifting individually curated boxes with our family and friends, then it went into a chain reaction of sharing love, joy, and happiness.’ remarking the charmed power of giving and receiving gifts. Being a bearer of the feelings of sharing, appreciating, remembering, and loving has become the main pillar of BoxGioia’s mission.

Ranging from ‘just because’ gifts to engagement presents, BoxGioia offers a wide selection of genuinely curated gift boxes; sourced with premium products, carefully hand-wrapped with extravagantly designed boxes, and consummated with hand-written notes. Customers can also add personal video messages to their gift boxes, as extra ‘individual’ touches for their loved ones.

From individual to events or group gifts, BoxGioia offers personal gift services to provide professional help on gift ideas for specific occasions, as customers can save time and money and be that gift-giving hero. BoxGioia’s in-house designers work on every aspect of clients’ gift requests, conduct detailed research on gift ideas, and further curate a personalized shortlist, and assist through to spread joy and love.

Likewise, BoxGioia offers gifting services for businesses, ranging from small batches to large-scale corporate gifts, helping companies to treat their employees, partners, and clients or any other inquired occasions in a uniquely individual manner.

BoxGioia supports sustainability by opting for natural, organic, and handmade goods in their gift boxes, and partnering with local and mostly women-owned- handcrafters.

If you are looking for something special for this holiday season, visit They are offering 15% off for Clapham Mums on their first box with the code MUMSWORLD.



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