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Baby College is coming to South West London!

Baby College is unique, fun and sociable weekly development classes for parents/carers and little ones. Aligned with EYFS, these classes have been developed in Oxford by experts in Early Years Learning. Science-based and evidence-backed, they cater to 3 age groups from birth all the way to pre-school. Each class has a theme and offers insights into your baby or toddler’s progress and development. The classes build progressively and aim to inspire you with lots of play ideas to support a well rounded development for your little one at a stage where their brains are growing rapidly. The activities done in class help to build a strong bond with your child and empower you with confidence as a parent to bring out the best in your little angel. 

The South West London Baby College franchise is led by Priya Khullar, who was fascinated with Early Childhood Development and decided to turn her passion and training into something bigger. She is launching Baby College in South West London, Battersea and surrounding areas, where Priya hopes to bring joy, inspiration and empowering insights to parents/carers as they play and have fun with their little ones.

Developed in the UK and aligned with EYFS, classes help develop: 

  • attention and learning
  •  balance and movement
  •  language acquisition
  •  cognition
  •  multi-sensory integration
  •  body awareness and concepts of self
  •  motor skills
  •  secure attachments
  •  emotional understanding
  •  social skills
  • independence

Mums, dads and carers learn about different areas of development as they enjoy language play, music, movement and other activities with their child. The programme is crafted to grow with your baby.

Classes are offered in three different age groups; the pace builds and the activities accompany their expanding experience of the world.

  1. Infants 0 – 9 months: Essentials right from the start. Fun and gentle activities are suitable from birth with the pace progressing as your baby grows.We LOVE tummytime!
  2. Toddlers 9 – 18 months: Your older baby is exploring more and more of the world around them, so Toddler classes introduce additional learning themes, music play and rhythmic movement. Activities promote language, listening, and body awareness.
  3. BC Juniors 18 months – 3 years+: Junior classes are so much fun and even more active, with greater emphasis on cognitive and motor skills. Themes drawn from life experiences allow each individual child to express their creativity and imagination. Activities support increased independence and emotional understanding, building the confidence and skills they will need for later learning.

Baby College is very proud to also run the fantastic Facebook Group Inspiring Parents UK with experts including Professor Helen Ball from BASIS and psychologists Professor Lauren Stewart and Dr. Caspar Addyman from Goldsmiths along with many more leading experts, including sleep and behaviour consultants, from the baby development and parenting world.


Classes will be held at:

  • Tuesdays at Fresh Ground 68 Battersea Rise, SW11 1EQ. Times: 9:30am Infants (0-9m), 10:30am Toddlers (9-18m), 11:30am Juniors (18m-3y)
  • Thursdays at St Mary’s Church, Putney High Street, London SW15 1SN. Times: 9:30am Infants (0-9m), 10:30am Toddlers (9-18m), 11:30am Juniors (18m-3y)

  • Fridays at St John the Divine, Garratt Ln, London SW18 4EH. Times: 9:15am Infants (0-9m), 10:15am Toddlers Plus (9m – 3y)


Baby College is offering 10% discount on term bookings, email to avail the discount.

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