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With the trend for working from home set to continue, many people are increasingly thinking about the best way to make the most of their living space and are considering a renovation project. For many, the thought of taking on a large project is daunting.  It can involve a lot of decision making and often tests people’s ability to visualise how things will turn out.

Yellow Ladder understands this and its services are designed to take the stress out of the situation by combining high quality, experienced tradespeople with a dedicated client management service. Every Yellow Ladder renovation is overseen by a dedicated client manager who works closely with the customer through every stage of the process to ensure the project runs smoothly and is delivered on time and within budget.

Based in South London, the team has worked together over a number of years on a diverse range of indoor and outdoor projects including kitchen-diner reconfigurations, loft conversions, home office creations and landscaping.  The team specialises in helping clients to make the most of their living space and find a way of configuring their homes which maximisers flow and connection.

All projects have a detailed schedule of work and as part of its client management service Yellow Ladder is able to recommend specialist kitchen designers, flooring experts, glazing providers and other suppliers that it has successfully worked with on previous projects.


Comments from some previous clients include:

“I’ve used builders before but this was a very different experience. I felt they really cared about what I wanted to achieve and worked hard to make sure I got the desired outcome. The level of customer service was exceptional.” Chris P.


“I was a little nervous about having work done on the house after a flood devastated our kitchen. By having someone that talked me through the process it took away some of the stress and worry. Yellow Ladder created a lovely kitchen-diner for us and took care of everything from initial planning and construction through to the new flooring.” Liz B.

“We used Yellow Ladder to transform the back of the house installing bi-fold doors. From the outset, the team was extremely helpful and accommodating to our needs. They sourced excellent quality product within our budget and filled us with confidence and reassurance through their professionalism to do the building work whilst we were out of the country. We came home to beautiful doors and immaculate reconstruction of the walls and decor with no signs of any mess or upheaval. I would highly recommend Yellow Ladder for any house renovation work. Lisa (our client manager) has a fantastic eye for design and interiors and she and her team will ensure any job is carried out to the highest standard possible.” Zoe S.


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