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Evening Chat: Clapham Mums Webinar

Pre-covid, playgroups, playgrounds and mum meetups are where we meet other mums and discuss careers, return to work, entrepreneurial ideas, childcare, challenges . But in our new normal, there is a void and mums are grappling with big work/motherhood questions.
This seems to be top of mind as a popular comment during the survey we did last month was to offer support for mums: talks, network and feel a sense of community.
With that in mind, we have started our webinar series to get some great speakers and engage our audience to address some of these questions.
In our new normal, mums don’t get to chat with other mums in the playground or play groups to discuss careers, return to work, entrepreneurial ideas, childcare, challenges.

And to solve this void, we have planned our first webinar on Tuesday 24th November from 8pm to 9pm. We will have a chat about work/life juggle, starting a business on your own , organising childcare and other topics.

The webinar is free, just register here. 

 We have some amazing speakers:

Karen Simmonds: Karen is the founder of Travel Matters and the Make Travel Matter campaign. She established the business 21 years ago. She’s married with two teenage daughters, lives in Clapham, loves being an active member of the community and is involved with mentoring women in the travel industry as well as offering support to those mums parenting alone. When not working or travelling, you’ll find her immersing herself in nature in rural places seeking out wild swimming spots.

Laura Shimili Mears: Laura runs Laura Shimili Mears Photography and is a local mum of 2 school age boys. Laura helps local families, individuals and business with photography and loves getting involved in the community. Originally from Albania, with a number of years in France, Laura loves living in London and in Tooting and raising a family in a very diverse and culturally rich city. Through her work Laura also supports a number of charities with fundraising through photography events.

Sophie Niedermaier Patramani: Sophie co-founded Little Tummy to bring honest and healthy children’s food directly to parents’ homes. She is a paediatrician with more than 10 years’ working experience in various healthcare systems and has regularly guided parents on their weaning journeys. She trained at top level universities in Germany (LMU Munich), Switzerland (University of Bern) and the US (Harvard Medical School). As of July 2019, she is also a mother to a little girl and is currently experiencing and enjoying the weaning journey first hand. At Little Tummy she ensures that every ingredient has a purpose and designs all recipes to make them not only delicious but also high in nutritional value.

Rohini Regunathan: Rohini is the owner and editor of Clapham Mums. Rohini is from Mumbai, India originally and moved around Singapore, New York and Bristol before moving to London. She has a background in Economics and has spent 2 years in tax consulting and 6 years in credit card risk management. Rohini is passionate about helping local families and businesses connect and support each other. When not working, Rohini is running after her two girls in the park, cooking and reading books.

The webinar is free, just register here. 

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