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Navigating the UK education is daunting for a lot of parents, especially foreign parents. That’s where CJA Educational Consultancy come in: from providing school advice to tutoring, this local firm provides personalised service with your child and their best interest in mind.


Chloe Abbott, a long standing teacher of English, Business English and qualified Primary teacher, has been tutoring and supporting children and families through the London schools systems and exam procedures for a number of years. She is a mother of two children and lives in Battersea, which has helped her to understand, on a personal level the stress, worry and confusion the London school system can cause both parents and children.

Over the past few years, Chloe has built up a team of professionals, who can help children and parents to ensure that they find the best schools and can confidently sit entrance exams for their school of choice. Chloe is happy to discuss school choices from Nursery through to Sixth Form and advise parents on the many choices and options they have. This is a very caring and personalised service and as testimonials show parents and children have benefitted hugely from contacting Chloe and her consultancy. She will be on hand from beginning to end and will endeavour to resolve and reduce any potential hurdles that may arise. The children and their best interests are the primary focus of Chloe and her teams work and focus.


CJA Educational Consultancy offers advice to SW London parents on both Independent and local school choices, nurseries and exam processes and entry requirements. If you contact Chloe then she (or a member of the team) will come to meet you and your family/ children and will discuss at length the many options and possibilities that you may have. Further to this, it may be that you will need to visit nurseries or schools, meet with Heads or complete the entry forms and procedures. This is all part of the service that CJA Educational Consultancy provides.

In some instances,  your child may complete an assessment to help find the best fit school and from this decisions will be made in regards to possible booster sessions in Maths or English to ensure that they reach their full potential in any exam or entrance tests. Chloe will closely monitor and support your child through this, with the support of her team. A further service provided by CJA Educational Consultancy is interview preparation and practice to ensure children are confident and can show their full potential in any interview.

Clapham Mums get an initial consultation free of charge for Educational Consultancy advice and parents looking for booster sessions in English, Maths and Reasoning get a free tutorial and resource pack. 

Note: CJA Educational Consultancy uses qualified and experienced teachers, who are fully CRB checked and experts in their subject area. CJA_logo


Telephone: 07738238273

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