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Mini Mozart, winner of the Hoop award for best Mini Performers, offers music classes for babies and toddlers. The idea of Mini Mozart is to get children really interested in music so that rather than merely hearing, they are actively and avidly listening.  By the time the children leave to school, Mini Mozart team want them to be raring to go with an idea about what instrument they’d like to play and consider music to be an integral part of their lives!

Babies are on the most magical voyage of discovery – everything they experience shapes how they understand the world and up until a child sees someone playing live music, it doesn’t make sense. It’s a disembodied sound that comes from a box plugged into the wall. The Eureka! moment when a baby first understands how music is made is seminal.


Once a child understands how music is made, they want to explore it for themselves which is why we dismissed the idea of simply holding ‘baby friendly’ concerts or recitals. Having passed the stage of shoving everything straight into their mouths, toddlers want to have a pluck, press, blow, scrape, bang of whatever instrument is on offer.

Mini Mozart has all the usual bells and whistles that babies love; a parachute, bubbles and puppets, but they sprinkle in some musical magic with a piano accompanist and an orchestral instrument playing leader to make the class go with a swing!  You won’t regret it, but if you do (or if you sign up the for term but then need to leave if a nursery place comes up / naps change / you move house / pigs fly) then we’ll give you your money back.  Guaranteed.


What is unique about Mini Mozart? They only use Live Music and at least 2 musicians perform and interact with the children at every class. Children are bombarded with so much ‘muzak’ and environmental noise these days that we have become accustomed to blocking out much of what we hear. Interacting with live musicians (as opposed to recorded music) redresses this and makes children begin to actually process what they’re hearing so that they are actively listening which aids their cognitive development.


Mini Mozart run classes in Battersea (Fresh Ground) and Wandsworth (Trinity Road Chapel).


Mini Mozart is offering new clients from Clapham Mums 25% off term bookings (classes are on sale at Please email for the special discount code.



Phone: 0207 193 1983
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