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Little Tummy is a brand-new baby food subscription service, which brings fresh, paediatrician-approved baby meals to parents’ doorsteps. The company uses an innovative cold-pressure method which allows them to lock essential nutrients, fresh tastes and textures of their organic ingredients. Little Tummy was founded by two female entrepreneurs, Sophie and Nadine.


After becoming the godmother of her best friends baby Hector, Nadine got curious what kind of exciting foods they could buy for him. After tasting quite a few pouches, she realised that most of the store-bought options are highly heat-processed to gain a shelf-life of 2 years, therefore, lacking essential nutrients and fresh taste. So Nadine started to think of ways of how she can bring fresher and healthier foods to little ones – the idea of Little Tummy was born!

Sophie is a paediatrician and has worked with a lot of parents, guiding them on their first steps of their weaning journey. The confusing information and doubtful marketing messages have been a great frustration for her for a long time. In addition, currently available baby food has poor nutritional values and is too high in fruit sugar. When Nadine asked Sophie to join Little Tummy, she was enthused that she will finally get a chance to change things for the better! Sophie thinks it is a wonderful experience to be on the front line of creating fresh and healthy food for babies.

Opposite to commonly available heat-processed baby food options, Little Tummy uses an innovative cold-pressure method also know as high-pressure-processing (HPP). This cold-pressure method has been used for juices for a long time and it allows the company to preserve micronutrients, vitamins and the authentic taste and texture of the ingredients. This ensures that babies will get the nutrition they need and learn what fresh ingredients taste like from the very beginning. Studies have shown that this is a major step for establishing healthy habits.

Little Tummy’s recipes are developed by founder and in-house Paediatrician Sophie to to fit baby’s nutritional needs from 6 months of age. Their range consists of four organic meals which are mainly vegetable-based, rich in plant-based protein and healthy fats.

Parents can subscribe to Little Tummy, choosing a meal selection and delivery cycle. Deliveries take place on Wednesdays.

Fancy an exclusive Little Tummy Tasting? If you would like to taste Little Tummy’s meals with your mum tribe, please reach out to Nadine (

Little Tummy offers Clapham Mums 30% off your first Little Tummy order using the code ClaphamP30CP.


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