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Little Speaking Tree are a new educational offering that brings fun, unique and stimulating classes for preschooler’s to the South West London area. The main ethos of Little Speaking Tree is to provide support to pre-school aged children in building successful communication skills at an essential learning point in their lives.

How Little Speaking Tree begun
Little Speaking Tree was developed from a seed of an idea, by three local parents and ex teachers, Eve, Tamsin and Katherine. All three had personal experience in working with their own children in the area of communication, whether they were struggling to formulate words or not responding to conversation and instruction. Whilst looking for classes that might help their own situations, they found that there was nothing suitable out there. After extensive research, the team found a number of studies showing that good communication skills have been declining in children over the last decade.  So, the three friends got together and realized that if they needed help then other parents and carers might need help too.  So Little Speaking Tree was born.


What do we actually mean by ‘Communication?’

Little Speaking Tree is a fully researched term of weekly 45 minute classes that offer age appropriate activities, specifically designed to teach little ones the key pillars of great communication-listening, understanding, concentration, reasoning, expression and speaking. 

Successful communication isn’t always just about ‘speaking’. Whilst it is a fundamental element of the process, it’s about all the above elements combined. Great communication can help children feel  understood, it can help strengthen their bonds with family, friends and peers, making them happier in interactions with the world around them.

What do the classes entail?

Each activity is developed to make the learning experience so interesting that little ones don’t even realise they are learning! Across the term, Little Speaking Tree classes aim to help increase your child’s confidence, enhance their relationships and make communication and understanding a much smoother process between you. The classes are designed to give you a precious 45 minutes of interaction with your child, which we know is so hard to find in these busy, digital times.


After an already successful term for Acorns and Saplings the Little Speaking Tree team decided to add an extra day of classes ( Friday) and an older age group. The newly launched Oaks classes for 3.5-4.5/up to school, will now take place at 11.30-12.15 every Wednesday and Friday and are great for helping little ones to prepare for school. These classes help to:

-Further develop listening skills
-Learn the techniques of ‘visual story mapping’
-Provide Pre- phonics activities
-Holistic mindfulness/yoga sequences to balance creativeness and calm with resilience and fun.

Little Speaking Tree always offer a FREE TRIAL, so why not come along and meet us! Bring along your preschooler and we will help provide them the skills and you with the tools, to build successful communication for life.

Here is what other parents have been saying!

‘The new class has such good structure; children learn new words and learn how to listen while having fun in a very positive and calming environment’

‘The best 45 minutes I’ve spent with my little girl this week’

‘My two year old son enjoyed every minute and was engrossed in all the carefully planned and very original activities. Cannot recommend enough!’


Age: 3 age groups: Acorns  1.5-2.5 years, Saplings   2.5-3.5 years, Oaks   3.5-4.5 years

Location: Pro physiotherapy studios, 11 Smiths Yard, Earlsfield SW17

Book your trial now or contact them to find out more information.

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