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The team of Pregnancy and Post-natal Osteopaths and Women’s health specialists at Hub are ready to look after you so you can care for your bump and/or your new bundle of joy!


Osteopathy during pregnancy can be used preventatively to identify and address any existing dysfunction that could cause symptoms as the pregnancy progresses; it is also great to treat common aches and pains that present during pregnancy, such as back, neck and pelvic girdle pain.


The aim with osteopathy during pregnancy is to help your body adjust to the changes it goes through and to find a state of balance so that you are moving well and feeling comfortable. The team at Hub strongly believe that symptoms such as back pain, although very common, don’t have to just be part of pregnancy! In the third trimester they also focus on creating as much space as possible to encourage your baby to find a good position in preparation for birth (also called optimal foetal positioning) and strive to help your body prepare for the demands of labour and childbirth.

In the post-natal period, osteopathic treatment will help your body recover from childbirth; this is a time where most of the focus is on the baby, and the Hub team want to ensure that as a new mum you get the care that you need after growing and delivering your baby. Issues that they commonly see after childbirth include joint and muscle strains, pelvic congestion and discomfort especially in the lower back and pelvis area. It is an important time as your body is adjusting to a new routine and movements such as carrying and feeding your baby, so they want to help it do so whilst preventing the types of injuries and discomfort that we commonly see in the 4th trimester.

Osteopathic treatment is safe and beneficial both during and after pregnancy, as well as if you are trying to conceive. Your first osteopathy consultation with Aude is one hour long, which will include a thorough case history, assessment and treatment; any follow up appointment required will last 40 minutes. You are more than welcome to bring your baby along to your post-natal appointments.



Their Women’s Health specialist at Hub, Caitlin is qualified and experienced in seeing women for MOT’s after childbirth to assess and treat issues related to the pelvic floor and your abdominal muscles, as well as other presentations including:

  • Bulging, straining, heaviness in your pelvic floor/saddle area
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Leaking when exercising
  • Abdominal separation (diastasis recti)
  • Pelvic or low back pain

Seeing a Women’s health specialist after giving birth is the best way to get some guidance, or even just some peace of mind about how your body (and your pelvic floor in particular) is healing. The Hub team recommend seeing a Women’s Health specialist from 6 weeks after childbirth, regardless of the type of birth you had and especially before returning to exercise. However, it’s never too late to see one and there is a lot that can be done to help even years after you’ve had children!


At Hub, they have a holistic approach to Pregnancy and Women’s health as lifestyle, nutrition, exercise habits and rest are all essential aspects of recovery and overall wellbeing. They are at hand to answer any questions before they become concerns, and address any issues before they become injuries.

They also run popular Pre and Post-natal fitness classes, designed by osteopaths, with a maximum of 6 women per class and onsite childcare. They have been helping mums of south west London stay strong and active during their pregnancies and in the post-partum period for 3 years now and they are a great way to meet a wonderful and very supportive group of local mums whilst looking after yourself!

The Hub team would love to help you have a healthy and happy pregnancy and transition to motherhood, so feel free get in touch for more information about Hub Pregnancy!


Hub Pregnancy is offering an exclusive 10% off PregnaFit pack of 10 classes or full Pregnancy Programme for Clapham Mums. 

192-194 Clapham High Street, Clapham Common, London SW4 7UD

Telephone: 0207 720 9644




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