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When you’re pregnant, you deserve to be pampered. Your body is doing an amazing thing; working overtime to nourish you and your growing baby, so a little extra TLC can go a really long way, a relaxing pregnancy massage is the ultimate way to indulge while you’re expecting. Not only will it leave you feeling de-stressed and dreamy, but it can also have some incredible health benefits such as easing tension, reducing swelling, soothing back & joint pain, and boosting circulation. And when you feel good – your baby thrives.

We all love a little pampering every now and then, but it’s not always easy to find the time to get to the spa – that’s where Home Spa London comes in.


Based in London, their massage therapists will travel to your home any time that’s convenient for you – be it weekday, evening or weekend; and will perform a bespoke massage that’s tailor made for you! The therapists bring their own couch and do the pregnancy massage in a very comfortable side lying position. Easing away any tension from the back, legs, arms and any areas that you would like to concentrate on. The great thing about a stay at home massage is that you don’t have to travel and lose that lovely relaxing feeling. You can then jump in the bath or go for a sleep for example and just enjoy the benefits that a pregnancy massage brings.

Although they specialise in pre and post-natal massage they also offer other therapies and massage, a firm favourite is the couples massage so you can both enjoy some relaxation time. Please see our site for further details.



Telephone: 020 3714 8064

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