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Catherine Crawley Reflexology and Life Coaching


Accredited reflexologist and life coach Catherine Crawley believes in helping and supporting women on their journey from conception to pregnancy and beyond and treats each one of her clients individually creating a unique and holistic treatment plan enabling them to restore, rebalance and reconnect to their true empowered selves.

Catherine helps women through the process of change and is passionate about creating a sense of balance and wellbeing in both mind and body.  As a Reflexologist she uses the healing power of touch to aid relaxation and restore all the body’s systems to their natural state of homeostasis and as a Life Coach she helps women to reconnect to their true selves and purpose in life.

Catherine Crawley Life Coach


What is Reflexology?

As an AOR accredited Reflexologist, Catherine massages specific reflex points in the feet that correspond to specific areas in the body, stimulating the flow of energy, blood, nutrients and neural pathways and helping flush out any waste products.  Reflexology can help improve a number of physical, emotional and psychological symptoms optimising holistic wellbeing.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a solution focused approach to achieving life goals in areas including health and wellbeing, relationships, career and work-life balance.  Catherine has trained in a number of different modalities including Cognitive Behavioural Coaching.  She is also a trainee Humanistic Psychotherapist and adopts a Person-Centred approach to her Coaching sessions, which, at its core, encompasses empathy and congruence, empowering and motivating clients to create positive change and personal growth.


Reflexology and Life Coaching for Mums to Be

Catherine works with women to naturally prepare for a healthy pregnancy and birth promoting a balanced body and a positive mind.  Reflexology can be a healing and complementary focus in the pre-conceptual care plan, it can reduce stress levels, balance hormones and assist with ovulation, stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Reflexology can also help with many pregnancy related issues such as backache, digestive issues and oedema and can help process any emotions and stresses that have accumulated on a physical level.

Reflexology can also help to prepare for a natural labour.  The endocrine, reproductive and nervous system are stimulated in the feet to help activate the first stage of labour.  Reflexology can also help manage stress levels and facilitate energy throughout the body to mentally and physically prepare for the birth.

As a Life Coach Catherine can support you in the process of optimising mental and emotional wellbeing to aid natural conception, a healthy pregnancy and birth by enhancing awareness and understanding around any negative thought patterns, self defeating beliefs and salient emotions, such as anxiety, with the aim of creating a more positive and healthy mindset and in turn healthier body.

Reflexology and Life Coaching for Mums

Many women suffer from postpartum symptoms such as backache, hip issues, sciatica, incontinence and lactation problems, Reflexology can help relieve these symptoms and stimulate the healing process bringing the body back to a state of health and wellbeing.

Catherine works with Mums who wish to take some time out from their busy schedule and treat themselves to some relaxing Reflexology or Mums who would like some support in achieving work or personal goals.  She’s helped many women make those important yet challenging choices around returning to work and re-establishing a sense of purpose and self in the midst of motherhood.  Through the process of Life Coaching Catherine can help enhance awareness, build emotional resilience, create positive behavioural change and ultimately reconnect Mums to their true selves, and reach their true potential in all areas of life.


Catherine is offering Clapham Mums £10 off their initial Reflexology or Life Coaching session.

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