Shopping online for your toddler no longer needs to be tricky or stressful, with Toddler Barn, you can find helpful products that will make you and your toddler’s life easier; as well as beautiful and unique toys, teddys, blankets, entertainment and much more. You might even find a thing or two for you!


As the brain child of Jude Hough and Di Titterton, the inventors of original Dry Like Me, body wash, barrier balm and healing salve which have all been shortlisted for the MadeForMums Awards 2019. These Potty-training experts know a thing or two about Toddlers, having worked with them for over ten years, helping thousands of parents to potty train their toddlers.


On branching out into their online store Jude said; ‘’We love the enquiring minds of Toddlers, and believe they deserve their own special shop.

“Too often parents find things for Toddlers between the baby and the general kid’s aisles. This is such a special and interesting phase of children’s development, with key development milestones like; Potty Training, starting pre-school, learning to be independent and becoming busy little people.

“There are plenty of well-designed products just for Toddlers that help with all these testing phases and we have bought them all together in one easy location. We hand pick everything and oversee the entire process. We only stock products we love and would put in our own children’s hands.’’

Jude and Di have also noticed the consumer trend for products that are good for children, and the environment, and focus on sourcing products that are better for your toddler, such as ‘’ A Little Lovely Company’’ who use BPA free plastics in their products.


Jude and Di are so passionate about this that they have developed their own Toddler Toiletry range ‘’Natural Like Me’’ which is made from 100% natural ingredients and contain zero nasties. They have created a range of five products that are all hand made in Dorset and packaged in recyclable plastics.

‘’We were keen to develop a toiletry brand to sit alongside other well-known brands in Toddler Barn, but be aimed specifically at Toddlers, as well as being good for the whole family. I particularly love the ‘Day and Night Barrier Balm’, it’s so good I secretly use it as my night time beauty balm for my face! I’m sometimes disappointed with big bottled products which seem like great value. Only to find them empty within days. However, their products are so rich in natural ingredients that a little goes a long way and lasts a long time”.


One thing that Jude and Di discovered is that toddlers do not always want fruity sweet-smelling products, and that toddlers love the aromatic and floral scents. Therefore, they infused essential natural oils from Lavender, Chamomile and citrus within their products to create beautiful smelling products that your toddlers will adore. Parents can be sure there using only the best of their child and teaching them about loving and respecting their skin and body too.


With Christmas just around the corner the team at Toddler Barn have been working tirelessly to bring together a gorgeous range of Christmas products guaranteed to make your Toddler smile. From teddys to unicorns to dinosaurs, the Toddler Barn range is full of everything you’ll need this Christmas.



Toddler Barn are offering Clapham Mums 15% off your first order, just use the code – CLAPHAM.

The offer also applies to their entire Christmas shop which is packed full of delightful gifts and presents for your special Toddler! Check out and let us know what you think in the comments!





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