The strategic mind of a child who doesn’t want to go to bed or is determined to eat ice cream is something to behold. Their intellectual prowess is at its best when they are navigating the rough waters of brushing their teeth or tidying up. Strateegic Apparel, London’s coolest new kids wear start-up wants to celebrate the brain power of these savvy youngsters and they have come up with a fresh new t-shirt idea in the heat of the empowering clothing trend.


Using business jargon normally found on CV’s, the super clever brand has taken the phrases “skilled negotiator”, “decision maker” and “strategic thinker” and screen printed them on top quality organic tee shirts and sweat shirts. Strateegic isn’t aren’t any old tee shirt brand either, they have packaged their products in adorable light bulb logo tissue paper and custom “inter-department” envelope (a tongue and cheek nod to working in an office).  Their products make really thoughtful and interesting gifts, and with them already being wrapped and ready to give, they take away all the gift wrap hassle and save us a few precious minutes. If that wasn’t already a great time saver, Strateegic will even write you a personalized card (free of charge) and ship it to the recipient. They really are strategic thinkers!  

Strateegic_7Founder, Antonia Fiber who works as an exec for Apple with a fashion background told us about her inspiration for the brand. “Being a mum, I always want to invent a product for the kid’s space. I wanted to do something I could share with my daughter and fashion has always been a love of mine. Working at Apple has given me a rigorous grounding in business; you learn how to work smart, dot the I’s and cross the t’s and I think that ethic has rubbed off on me and translated into all aspects of the product.”

Strateegic_3If you’re wondering whether your child is a “skilled negotiator”, “decision maker” and “strategic thinker”, don’t worry, Strateegic have come up with really thoughtful product descriptions that will help you decide. You’ll find them on their website. We love this description for a “skilled negotiator”. “Tactical, and cool under pressure, the Skilled Negotiator knows how to broker the perfect deal to achieve their objectives.  The “Skilled Negotiator” possess great acumen for identifying opportunities. The parents of these children can often be found bartering and bribing with these shrewd individuals.”


 The brand has strong core values and their mission statement is simple and clear.  Strateegic want to empower kids, make gift giving easy (let’s face it birthday’s and baby showers are now a weekly event) and finally, do it all in an environmentally conscious way.  They are an inclusive brand too, ensuring diversity by careful selection of their models and designing the tees to be unisex. “As a brand, I felt we had a social responsibility to make sure we were representing a diverse mix of kids, also keeping the tees as unisex as possible was also a conscious design choice. The colour-ways we’ve chosen look great on boys and girls alike and I think we’ve shown that in our photography and styling.”

Strateegic_2With Christmas coming soon, Strateegic could prove to be a great option to save you time and hassle on Christmas presents and with your Clapham Mums discount you can get great savings too with 10% off. Last but not least, there is an adult version of “Strategic Thinker” just in case you are up for some twinning or need to bring some gravitas to your next power meeting!



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