Signs Your Child May Have a Foot Problem


Foot problems in children are common, and often go undiagnosed. We chatted to local Clapham foot health centre, Fitter Feet for Life, about children’s foot health and the signs that indicate that there may be something wrong.


Your child struggles to play like their friends do

Have you noticed that your child doesn’t take part or doesn’t run around or play for as long as their peers do? If your child has flat feet, they could be experiencing fatigue and aching in their feet and legs during play.

Children can have their feet and legs examined at Fitter Feet for Life if they experience any difficulty playing sports or walking.

Your child is reluctant to show you their feet

Perhaps your child has noticed a change in the appearance of their feet or nails or are experiencing pain in their feet without telling you. Whether they’re quiet out of fear of the doctor, or simply for not knowing it is an issue, it’s important that these changes are dealt with. Parents should start inspecting their children’s feet from a young age for any changes, calluses, discolouration’s or swelling.

You can book a free foot check for your child at Fitter Feet for Life.

Your child falls often

What some parents may call clumsiness is often actually part of a bigger problem. If your child trips and falls regularly, this could be a sign of balance problems, in-toeing or other foot conditions.

At Fitter Feet for Life, your child’s movement can be analysed using Gait Analysis.

Your child complains of foot, ankle or leg pain

Foot pain in children is never normal and is not ‘part of growing up’. It’s always best to have your child’s foot examined by a medical professional if they have been injured or are in pain.

In these cases, Fitter Feet for Life will have your child examined by a Podiatrist or Podiatric Surgeon for the necessary diagnosis and treatment.


Fitter Feet for Life was established in 1986 and is one of the most comprehensive foot care centres in London. They diagnose and treat both simple problems and complex disorders for adults and children – from foot surgery to Gait Analysis, Podiatry, care for children’s feet and more.

Visit their website to book a free foot check or pay them a visit.


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