Rachel Fox set up Organising Claudia last year, offering bespoke organisation services by the hour, by the task or for a dedicated amount of time each month. She offers lifestyle organisation (event planning, gift holiday research, paperwork, time and diary management), business organisation (setting up space and systems, developing database, event organisation, paperwork, exploring new opportunities), home organisation (decluttering, organising moves, home styling, home organisation, family scheduling) and assistance in realising your dream (defining goals, action planning, mentoring).

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Given the unique nature of her work, we sat down with Rachel to understand a bit more about her work.

What got you into this field?

I guess I have always loved organising! Whether it be sorting a sock drawer or planning a new venture, it is just so satisfying to have things neatly ordered and running according to plan.

In addition to loving a good to-do list, a career in International Project Management helped me see the huge benefits that good organisation could bring.

During one particularly crazy year, I found myself saying ‘I need a PA’ about 1,000 times a day.  As I wasn’t in a position to hire a full-time PA, I became struck by the idea that by-the-hour or by-the-task assistance really was the way forward!


What motivated you to set up your own business?

After the aforementioned epiphany, I realised that I had actually been providing the exact type of assistance that I wanted, to friends and family for years! Informally I had planned parties, organised house moves, booked family holidays and helped friends to remain on top of mountains of life admin.

I was motivated to turn this into a business when I began to see the profound effect that outsourcing tricky and time-consuming tasks could have on people’s lives; less stress, more family time and the energy to focus on goals and ambitions.

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How do you help new businesses set up?

Having built Organising Claudia from scratch, I definitely have a few tips! In helping new businesses, I do a lot of work with clients to formulate the overall vision for their business. I then help them to identify and work through the necessary steps to make the dream a reality. Alongside blue-sky thinking, I also assist with the practical steps of business set-up; finding office space and creating data management systems, and ensure people remain motivated whilst securing those first clients.

As we all need a bit of help sometimes, in addition to helping new ventures get off the ground, I also provide a range of services to keep existing businesses running like a well-oiled machine.


What other areas do you work with?

Organising Claudia helps clients in all areas of their lives. Alongside business organisation and help achieving your dreams, I also provide both personal and home organisation services.

To ensure that life admin doesn’t get in the way of life, I have helped with time management, sorting personal finances and booking once-in-a-lifetime family holidays. One of my favourite tasks last year was sourcing Christmas gifts for a client’s family…and she had eight sisters!

With regards to home organisation I help to make home feel like a happy place and not a second job.  I have decluttered wardrobes and helped people to unlock serene space in their homes. I have also packed whole houses into boxes and helped organise family schedules.


So you do a lot of work with families in the local area?

Indeed! In fact much of the work I do is with families around Clapham and south-west London; helping them to excitedly plan for new arrivals of both the furry and baby variety, organising birthday parties which are just as fun for mum’s and dad’s as they are for children and arranging house moves into the perfect family home. As family life can be incredibly stressful and I think busy parents are just grateful for an extra pair of hands!


What is your favourite thing to organise?

Can I have two? Firstly I love organising events and my favourite events to organise are those at people’s homes; dinners, barbeques, picnics. I entertain a lot at home myself and there is no better feeling than being surrounded by people you love.

I also love organising every-day things; diaries, wardrobes and teetering piles of paperwork. These seemingly small things have the greatest impact on your daily life and ensure that a great day stays great.

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What tricks and tools do you use to plan your time effectively?

I absolutely could not live without my paper diary! I carry it everywhere and it is never more than a few metres away from me. I am so set on this being an effective time management tool that I wrote a blog on it!


On that note then, who needs Organising Claudia in their lives?

I am sure that everyone could do with Organising Claudia in their lives, even me at times!

Website: https://www.organisingclaudia.co.uk/

Email: rachel@organisingclaudia.co.uk


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