Hana Manthorpe, aka The Mental Movement  is a Life & Mindset Coach that lives and works in Wandsworth. She predominantly works with women who describe their lives as looking great on the outside but that’s not how they feel on the inside. She has a supportively challenging approach which helps her clients realise that good enough is most definitely good enough and that satisfaction and confidence are far more accessible than they think.



What drew you in to coaching? Could you walk us through your background?

So the story really started in my late 20’s when I had my first recognised experience of depression. This started my personal journey to becoming very curious about the way that my mind worked. A few years later, 10 years into a corporate career with Deloitte, I was offered the opportunity to train as a coach – it was perfect timing and fitted so well with everything that I was already exploring in my personal life.


What inspired you to start your own business?

In 2014, I realised my time in the corporate world had come to an end – I knew that I needed to be doing something where I could make a tangible contribution to something that was really important to me. My life coaching business, The Mental Movement, was born! And four years on, my passion for what I do continues to go from strength to strength.


What do you love about coaching?

That it isn’t about offering advice and telling people what to do. It’s all about supporting and enabling people to come to their own insights and to design their own unique plans for thinking and feeling different. This makes what I do so interesting, it’s all about the individual and everyone is different. It also makes the changes that people choose to make so much more sustainable – because the idea came from them, based on their own unique priorities and needs.


Is there a specific area you focus on?

I am finding myself being more and more drawn to the concept that ‘good enough is good enough’. My experience is that so much of our modern day dissatisfaction stems from trying to meet unrealistic and depersonalised expectations. My passion is for helping women understand that they are good enough just as they are and that it’s possible for their lives to also be good enough, just as they are. Positive change and growth is, in fact, more likely to happen if it’s supported by foundation of acceptance and gratitude for who we already are and what we already have.


What is the challenge of running your own business?

Gosh, there are so many! Having to do all of the jobs (I spent 14 years with IT support at the end of a phone, now I have to rely on Google to fix things and that has a lot of potential to derail my day!). Not having a salary which automatically lands in your account at the end of every month regardless of whether you’ve worked hard or done well is quite a big one too!


How do you find balance between your work and home life?

Hmmmm. Well I work from home most of the time so there is very little distinction. But that works both ways….I often work in the evenings or at weekends (I’m writing this on a Friday at 8pm) but then I often go to yoga or meet people for coffee during the day. It’s fluid and flexible and that suits me right now.


What is one golden piece of advice for our mums?

I think I’ve said it already……if you can come round to the idea that ‘good enough is good enough’ I can guarantee it will radically change your life in a very good way!

Website: http://www.thementalmovement.com/




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