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Upon pulling up to the historic building I immediately felt a sense of homeliness. Family is the cornerstone of the school; Principle Mary McCahery has all three grandchildren in the school, and it is not uncommon for teachers to see their own children in the playground. Grace, the Head of PR & Marketing who kindly took me on the tour, constantly had kids running up to her to give her hugs and to say hello. I think this speaks volumes for the atmosphere at The White House Prep.

I also noticed the big smiles on the kids’ faces as they arrived, it was clear they loved coming to school. This also ran true with the staff. They appeared to be energetic and close-knit. Some of the staff I spoke with had been at the school for 15 years which shows their dedication to the children’s wellbeing.

As a new mum looking at schools for the future, my husband and I have often discussed the values that are important to us. The motto at The White House Prep is “I care, and I share” and the values of the school; to be kind, considerate, polite and well-mannered, match ours perfectly. One thing I particularly noticed was how the pupils would stand and say good morning whenever we walked into a classroom!

The school has announced their move to two-form entry for Reception for 2017, but their commitment to maintaining the small classes (no more than 16 pupils) remains the same so that children can have a more personalised teaching approach. This means that children can find their own interests and excel at these, with no one being forgotten, and Academic results are high as a result.

The clubs list is extensive to cater for every and any interest and children choose their own clubs each term. The school is currently undergoing construction of a new wing which will house their IT and music classrooms. These subjects are already offered to children, but the new building will be a dedicated space for kids to hone these skills. You may even have a coder on your hands after a couple of terms!

With places from Nursery (6 months+), a full Kindergarten from 2.5yrs committed to letting children be children, and excellent 11+ results (nearly half the children receive Academic scholarships to all the big London schools – JAGS, Alleyn’s, Dulwich College, Emmanuel, and Trinity. With some choosing the boarding route with Woldingham, Harrow and Bedales as the most popular choices) the school is a firm option for those parents who want to offer their children a fantastic education but in an unpressurised environment.

The White House proudly says that their children stand out from their peers. Confident but without arrogance, self-assured but not pushy with a strong moral compass and unbounded enthusiasm.

———————————————————————————-Reviewed by editor Meg on April 2017———————————————————————————–

The White House
24 Thornton Road
Clapham Park
London SW12 0LF

Telephone: 020 8674 9514


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