Happy Friday Everyone!

Ahead of the weekend, I just wanted to highlight a cool movie experience that I came across called Cine Mini. 

If you aren’t already familiar with Cine Mini, its a bespoke family movie event that introduces children to the wonders of the silver screen in a relaxed, imaginative and interactive environment.

Cine Mini shows old and new family movie favourites in unique venues across south west London and provide a variety of activities to entertain the kiddos before and throughout the films. Children also have the freedom to run around without fear of being told to shush (…which is a major plus in my book!)

…and don’t forget about the adults! Each Cine Mini venue includes a full bar with various food stalls geared especially for the mums and dads to help encourage everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

***Coming up on Saturday, 11th February — Cine Mini will be showing the classic movie Babe at Griffin Primary School in Battersea***  

You need you book your ticket ASAP to join in the fun!

Check out the Cine Mini site for more information http://www.cineminifilmclub.com/home1