The Christmas Forest is London’s favourite treetailer located on Lavender Hill (among others). Each pop up venue creating the magic of going to a country farm. With the widest selection of Trees for Londoners to choose from, it’s a great chance to rummage through nature in the city.


Maybe it will be love at first sight but if you don’t see the chosen one immediately, there is no rush! Don’t choose until you have touched, smelt, taken a step back to look and spun it around (more than) a few times with carols and friendly Foresters to greet you and help you find your favourite.


The Christmas Forest are long term supporters of the charity Tree Aid so for every tree purchased you  a tree is planted in Africa and they are aiming to hit their 200,000th tree this year.  This means that your Christmas tree could help a family living in Africa’s drylands to grow themselves out of poverty. The trees provide nourishment for families, and sources of income, which in turn creates opportunities for children to go to school.



Each of the 10 Forests are very family (and dog) friendly with plenty of parking to make it a family experience. Let the children run around, hide and seek in the Forest and have a go in the Christmas Lucky Dip or make a wish on our magical wishing tree.

Tree experts can guide you through the five different varieties and sizes all on display: scented and non-scented, drop and non-drop and re-plantable living trees. They are all farmed from sustainable sources – every tree cut is replaced by a new one – mostly in the UK to minimize ‘tree miles’.

Helpful elves will carry the tree to your car or provide a simple delivertree option.

Alternatively, if you are pressed for time there are Click and Pick option available online. Fresh trees delivered to your door or office in no time!