Really?! What makes Hello Mums different to other companies providing the same services and is it really the best?

Well it is a good question. When Kate and Edina, sat down for the first time with the idea of creating a service for parents they wrote down the priorities for  mums when it came to babysitting: Trust, Price, Location and Flexibility.

So the first step was making sure the service is trustworthy. Hello Mums decided that in order to achieve this they needed to meet all of the potential babysitters face to face and check who they are.

Hello Mums minimum requirement for all sitters is an up to date DBS (formerly known as CRB), an up to date Paediatric First Aid Certificate, at least two childcare related references and a character reference.

Hello Mums’ payment service, “Stripe” handles all payments, which means they do not keep a record of your card details.

Next Edina and Kate set about setting the subscription plan – as a registered parent you can have an £8.00/month subscription which reduces the booking fee to £3.00; or if you prefer not to register you can just pay £8.00 every time you want to book. With this option Hello Mums are currently offering the lowest fees across London and they operate with a 30 day rolling contract.

All of the Hello Mums’ babysitters charge £7.50/hour with a minimum booking time of 3 hours. This is paid directly to the babysitter.

The third step was the location. Hello Mums amazing IT guy spent weeks on building an algorithm that offers your booking to those babysitters who are closest to your address (which you provide upon registering), which enables Hello Mums to send you your local childcarer, so you won’t be needing to give the babysitter a ride home.

Last, but not least Hello Mums wanted to make ensure flexibility. Hello Mums understand that us mums cannot always plan everything months in advance so you can book with within 6 hours of the start of your booking.  Equally for the super organised you can arrange a Hello Mums booking up to 6 months in advance. A reminder is sent on the day of your booking for a piece of mind.

What makes Hello Mums The Best Babysitter Service in London is our website?  It combines Trust, Price, Location and Flexibility. But what’s more it enables you as a registered parent to choose your favourites and set your preferences, so when you book with us we always inform your favourites first and offer them your booking. Once a babysitter accepts a job you will receive an email with her details and you can view her full profile on the website, so you know exactly who will be looking after your little ones. And that all does make Hello Mums the Best Babysitter Service.

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