2nd Time Mum Class

The Baby Care Company (vision of local mum-of-two Eilish) provides a range of practical pre natal baby preparation classes.

Eilish finds one of the most popular functions of her business is supporting local 2nd time mums. Often there’s a dilemma for 2nd time mums; you’ve done it all before, but things will be different this time … can you remember what to do and are there ways to smooth the transition into multi-motherhood and get prepared for number 2?!

Eilish has developed a practical class tailored to the needs of these parents-to-be. Eilish says. “Second time round pregnancy tends to go much more quickly and you don’t have nearly as much time to think about your new baby. Most parents are worried about how the new baby will affect the relationship with their cherished first born, and also how they’ll cope with sleepless nights and still dedicate time to their toddler/older child as they are going through new development stages themselves.

Eilish’s group classes are split according to age-gaps, area and due date so they offer the chance to meet other parents with children of a similar age. Email addresses are swapped at the end of the class (with everyone’s consent) and attendees tend to form a support group for when the new baby arrives. This means you don’t suffer as much of the second-child-guilt many mums speak of, where your 2nd one doesn’t have as many friends when they’re small because they tend to just tag along with the 1st born!

The one-off classes lasts three hours and covers practical ways of preparing yourself and your family for a new addition. Eilish covers things to do before your baby is born to ensure that you think of everything, ways of gearing up your older child including jealousy and ways of coping with 2 from bedtime and bathtime, to how to feed a baby whilst entertaining a toddler. As the classes are split by age gap, there’s also a chance to talk about the stages your older child is going through eg dropping the lunchtime nap, potty training and moving to a bed to name just a few. There’s also an opportunity to have a refresher on newborn care, with some great reminders about feeding and encouraging good sleeping habits.

Eilish runs the classes every month and aims to match mums together by due date and age gap so it’s worth speaking to her to find out which class would be best for you on info@thebabycarecompany.co.uk or 07968 187 998

The classes take place in the evenings and cost £85. Eilish also offers one-to-one sessions for those would would prefer a couples class in-home.

T: 020 7228 1041

E: info@thebabycarecompany.co.uk

W: www.thebabycarecompany.co.uk

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