Local Mum, Christina has recently launched Tatty Bumpkin Clapham, bringing innovative new yoga classes for babies and children to Clapham, Battersea and Wandsworth.  These Classes are three-in-one and include storytelling music and movement, and are lots of fun!

You are invited to come and sit by the giggle tree at Wobble Farm where your babies and children can become bendy, giggly clever and strong.

Bendy- develop flexibility through Yoga
Giggly – enhance creativity with multi-sensory stories
Clever – aid development with links to the Early Years Curriculum
Strong – help to increase inner and outer strength with mindfulness

Developed by yoga teachers, paediatric physiotherapists, educationalists and musicians, the classes are aligned to the Early Years curriculum and will help with babies and children’s development and wellbeing.

For the Baby Bumpkins (6 weeks – 2 years), the classes combine storytelling, music and simple baby yoga movements demonstrated with the fun Baby Bumpkin doll. The emphasis is on giving the babies the opportunity to explore movement and their senses in a stimulating environment and gives all the babies from 6 weeks to 2 years a great physical foundation to development.. Parents/carers are guided through the movements and there’s also time for discussion amongst the group in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. The unique story structure gives ideas on how to communicate and play with your baby at home.

Each week,  babies and their carers are taken on a new adventure with Baby Bumpkin to stimulate your baby’s senses, encouraging early sensory processing skills, nurture their communication and social skills, whilst providing a lovely bonding experience for both of you.

For the Wrigglers (6 weeks to crawling), the classes include gentle stretches for both mum and baby, as well as providing creative techniques and ideas to play with your child at home.

For our Explorers (crawling to 2 years), we use the same music and storytelling format to introduce additional poses and activities to suit and encourage these babies on the move.

Tatty Bumpkin (2 years+) classes are fun, yoga-inspired stories designed to encourage movement and enhance development. The sessions focus on giving a firm foundation for social, emotional and physical confidence – all required for future happiness and success. Each session follows an adventure, using stories, music, props and simple yoga moves based around the character doll Tatty Bumpkin.

The Autumn Term  for 2-4 year olds runs from 2nd  October to 18th December 2015 and the classes cost £10 per class (£120 for the 12 week term). Classes can be joined at any point during the term

Private classes are available for toddlers (2-5yo) from September 2015 and for babies (6 weeks to 2yo) from January 2016.

Tatty Bumpkins also provide parties and can run classes in nurseries, schools and children’s centres and at special events such as weddings.

For more information and details of classes, please contact us or visit the website:

W: www.tattybumpkin.com/clapham

T: 07415225650

E: clapham@tattybumpkin.com


twitter @tattybclapham