Like many of us, after having their daughter, Grace in January 2014, Katherine and Tom both from South West London experienced many broken nights. In their search for a solution to this very common problem, Katherine and Tom soon realised that a nightlight is an essential companion to nocturnal parenting.

Disappointed by the lack of quality children’s nightlights – Katherine and Tom wanted more from a nightlight to better tend to the needs of their baby and make their lives easier. So they set about designing their own and as a result CozyGlo was born!

The initial range introduces three cute characters: Colonel Comfort, Papa Penguin and Beatrice the Rescue Dog. Nights can be a difficult and scary time for young children, and their bedtime buddies can give them he reassurance they need to have a calm bedtime and peaceful night’s sleep.

But it’s not just about looking good – the lights have also been designed to suit the needs of parents. They emit a calm, soothing glow, and have a range of functions including a dimmer, clock/stopwatch, thermometer and sleep trainer to give parent and baby as much rest and peace of mind as possible.

Please support Katherine and Tom and help to bring these adorable characters to life by pre-ordering a light which are currently on offer at special introductory prices:

You will also be able to find out here about how this entrepreneurial couple are raising the funds needed to produce the lights via the crowdfunding platform, BORN.
Twitter: @cozygloinfo
Instagram: @cozyglo

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