The Kiki’s Children’s Clinic (KCC) has been based in Clapham since 1996 and has one simple aim – to help children live their lives fully.


KCC has an international team of therapists specifically focussed on and experienced in treating babies and children – whatever the problem. If therapy is needed, they believe it’s never too early, and hardly ever too late, to start, and use proven clinical techniques with an emphasis on play and fun.

If you are worried about any aspect of your child’s development, the KCC has highly experienced therapists to assess and suggest an approach to therapy that suits both you and your child. This therapy can be delivered in the calm, homely and caring environment of the clinic, at home or at school, according to the specific need.


Because the KCC team believes in making therapy a positive experience for the child and parent alike, play is incorporated into holistic treatments and therapy is continually adapted to the child’s needs. KCC therapists are trained in a variety of techniques so that the child can be treated with complementary approaches as required.

The clinic offers the following therapies and techniques:

*   Physiotherapy (including Vojta therapy). Concentrating on the motor functions of the body.

*   Occupational therapy (including sensory integration). Concerned with the impact of a movement or learning difficulty.

*   Speech and language therapy. To help children focus on both receptive (what we understand) and expressive (what we say) communication.

*   Osteopathy cranial osteopathy. Using gentle touch to stimulate natural healing and support inner harmony.

*   The therapeutic listening program. Music-based therapy to activate listening and help children tune into and respond to the world.

*   Social skills groups. Providing a safe environment help children modify and improve their behaviour.

*   Handwriting groups.

*   No Tube. Helping families and their children with early eating behaviour disorders. NoTube’s experts have helped to wean more than 1,600 children off their      feeding tubes over the past 20 years.

All of the KCC’s practitioners are registered with the Health Professional Council (HPC), and are also members of their relevant professional associations.

Kiki’s Children’s Clinic
124 Thurleigh Road
London SW12 8TU
Tel: 020 7450 1708 (clinic)
Tel: 020-72074234 (office)




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