Parkgate House School


Parkgate House School is a popular independent, co-educational prep school in Clapham with a nursery and pre-prep school as well.

With only 230 pupils across the three school stages, the school provides a personal, nurturing touch and staff aim to make learning enjoyable as well as informative.

The school has a great reputation for getting children into the senior school of their choice and offers parents and children advice as to which senior schools might best reflect each child’s individual talents.

There’s specialist teaching in all subjects along with a huge range of clubs and activities; children have the opportunity to do music, ballet, dance, and even horse-riding, to name a few.

The nursery section, for children aged two and a half to four, is run on Montessori principles, where children learn through activity and develop at their own pace.

They also learn subjects such as French, ballet, music, drama and art, as well as laying the building blocks in reading, writing and number work. There are plenty of educational visits and trips out, and early computer skills are introduced.

The pre-prep school aims to nurture children and give them a wide range of experiences, while the prep school focuses on getting children into the senior school of their choice.

There is a waiting list for the nursery and you’re advised to get your name down as early as possible as competition is fierce.

Parkgate House School

80 Clapham Common Northside



Tel: Admissions: 020 7350 2461

Tel: School Office: 020 7350 2452




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