Bonneville Primary School


Bonneville Primary School is a welcoming, multicultural state school in Clapham with a strong sense of community and a good reputation.

Children come from a wide range of backgrounds, with three-quarters of pupils coming from minority ethnic backgrounds and the school celebrates this diversity as a strength.

OFSTED assessed the school at the end of 2012 and graded it as ‘Good’ across the board. The report praises the attention given to individual pupils because three teachers are provided for the two classes in each year group, enabling children to be taught in very small groups. This has been proven as very effective as the results have improved markedly over the last few years.

Parents speak highly of the staff and head teacher, who are friendly and accessible, and the school is well thought of within the local community.

There are eight year groups, going from nursery to Year 6, with two classes in each year group.

Staff aim to develop children’s personal and social skills to build up their confidence, enthusiasm for learning and respect for others.

In the school’s nursery, there are 50 full-time equivalent nursery places, with full-time places offered to four-year-olds.

Parents are advised to contact the school soon after their child’s second birthday to have a chance of getting into the nursery.

Applications for school places are via Lambeth Council. The council’s admission policy allocates places first to siblings of children already in the school, then to children living in a defined priority area, then according to how close children live to the school.

Bonneville Gardens

Clapham, SW4 9LB

Tel: 020 8673 1183

Fax: 020 8673 8522



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