If you’d like your child to grow up speaking French, there’s a very highly regarded primary school on our doorstep. Wix School in Clapham is part of the independent Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, in South Kensington.

But be warned: there is a waiting list and competition is fierce.

The waiting list opens a year before the child would start, so you can’t get in early and put your child’s name down before birth. French parents have priority and even they can’t always get their children in here.

Most pupils do tend to be from French or French-speaking backgrounds. There are a few places allocated via Wandsworth Council but these are very hard to come by.

If you do get in to the Primary School, at the age of 11 all children from the five London primaries get into the Lycée in South Kensington.

Pupils study in French and follow the French curriculum, including the baccalaureat, although there is the option of studying for GCSEs and A-Levels instead.

The school’s last OFSTED was in 2009. The report was pretty glowing, with Good ratings across the board along with a handful of Outstandings (including in “Pupil Behaviour”, which is always nice!)

The school also has a nursery section that caters for children from four months to five years.

Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle

Wix School

Wix’s Lane




Tel: 020 7738 0287



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