Broomwood Hall School


If you’re looking for a traditional prep school in the local area, Broomwood Hall might just fit the bill.

Broomwood Hall is a pre-prep school catering for boys and girls aged four to eight and prep school for girls aged eight to 13.

The school is run on traditional lines, with a Christian philosophy and ethos. There’s a strong focus on self-discipline and confidence, duty and responsibility as well as good manners.

Broomwood Hall was originally set up to get children ready for entrance exams to boys’ preparatory and girls’ public schools, and that remains a focus.

Once the boys reach eight and outgrow the pre-prep, they benefit from priority entry to Northcote Lodge, on Bolingbroke Grove.

Broomwood Hall prides itself on being a local school and has a close partnership with parents and with many other schools. And because of this, it operates a strict catchment area policy for children under the age of eight.

In fact, this local Clapham prep school won’t normally accept a child who lives more than a mile’s radius around the school. The exception is for girls in the upper school. The school will accept students from outside the catchment circle, but they still prefer girls to be as local as possible.

Younger brothers and sisters of children already at the school are guaranteed a place, subject to interview and, for the lower school, subject to catchment location.

The school says these policies preserve a family atmosphere and mean children can form friendships, which extend outside the school gates.

74 Nightingale Lane

SW12 8NR

020 8682 8800


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