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Try Time Kids Rugby are coming to Battersea Park! Founders Danielle, Chris and Jane started TryTime to help every child of any ability to learn to enjoy sport. Sport is obviously great for a child’s physical health and it also has a huge impact on their mental health. They are passionate about getting children running around outside whatever the weather, being active, having loads of fun and learning valuable, lifelong skills. Girls and boys, aged 2 to 7 years, of any sporting ability can learn to throw, catch and kick a rugby ball.


Kids rugby also teaches all the wonderful, wholesome principles like teamwork, respect, discipline and a bit of healthy competition! Kids charge about playing Dinosaur Hunter, Cheeky Pixies and Dodge the Dragon before stealing treasure, leaping over snake pits and racing against swamp monsters! They have a high ratio of coaches to kids, so kids rarely stand still. Their games are adapted to the kids to develop their overall sports skills.


Try Time Kids Rugby offer a free trial before signing up. Each session is an hour long with a snack break, to give kids plenty of time to warm up, play all their favourite games and then shout TRYYY TIIIME really loudly at the end! Classes are outside whatever the weather- no cancellations because of rain, sleet, fog, snow, badgers or leaves on the line- no excuses!


Location: Battersea Park, near the Pagoda

Class dates and times: Every Saturday 10-11am Rascals – 2 – 31/2 year olds and 11.15-12.15pm and Scoundrels and Scrummers – 3 1/2 to 7 year olds from 12th May to 21st July, then starting again on September 8th

Age: 2 to 7 year olds welcome

Website: https://www.trytimekidsrugby.com/

Telephone: 01252 794150 for booking

Email: janeg@trytimekidsrugby.com


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